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Nexcess Review: Is Nexcess Managed Cloud Hosting the Best?

Nexcess is the perfect solution for sites running on WordPress or WooCommerce that need a simple, reliable hosting solution. It's ideal for sites with a low to the high amount of traffic, and it's great for those who don't have a lot of technical expertise.

  • Managed Cloud Hosting with Excellent Performance
  • Cheaper Entry level plans
  • Inbuilt Caching using NGINX
  • Flexibility and Scalability
  • Dedicated Managed WooCommerce and Magento Hosting
  • There is no free domain on any plan
  • Live Chat is only available during business Hours

Nexcess is a subsidiary of Liquid Web, a popular host that’s made a big push into the WordPress space in recent years. It is one of the best cloud hosting providers in the market today. They specialize in WordPress, Magento and WooCommerce hosting and there are more great tools and applications you can deploy on Nexcess.

The WordPress-suitable hosting company offers managed hosted solutions for WordPress customers and resellers. You can rent your own server with them, or use their cloud hosting services for static, dynamic, or conventional sites.

In this Nexcess hosting review, I will walk you through the different hosting options and features offered by Nexcess. This is with intent to help you understand if this giant of a hosting platform is the best partner for your business.

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Nexcess is the perfect solution for sites running on WordPress or WooCommerce that need a simple, reliable hosting solution. It’s ideal for sites with a low to high amount of traffic, and it’s great for those who don’t have a lot of technical expertise.

Nexcess provides hosting services to over 500,000 websites around the world. They offer web hosting packages that are designed to accommodate any size website from small personal blogs to high-traffic eCommerce stores.

The company’s cloud-based infrastructure allows them to provide affordable cloud hosting solutions for their customers. With it they also providing you with the tools you need to manage your websites effectively.

Powerful hosting for managed applications

In addition to offering managed WordPress hosting plans, Nexcess also offers WooCommerce hosting plans that include features like free SSL certificates and automatic backups of your site’s database and files. Their team of experts can help you set up your new site or migrate an existing one over to their platform quickly and easily.

All their plans are hosted on a digital commerce cloud optimized for maximum performance of ecommerce stores. If your site receives anywhere from 1,000 to 100,000+ unique visitors per month Nexcess is a great choice. Not only does it handle high traffic it also gives you an easy way to manage your content and make sure everything stays up-to-date.

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The best for eCommerce hosting with the most popular applications.

Nexcess Compared to Other Web Hosts

Nexcess is a managed cloud hosting company that offers plans for most common website platforms, including WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. Compared to other hosts in its class, Nexcess has a solid reputation for customer service and reliability. However, it does not yet have the brand awareness of industry giants like GoDaddy or Bluehost.

What Nexcess hosting offers

Nexcess’ performance as a host is still largely unknown as well. When Compared to other providers in its price range, Nexcess seems more ecommerce focused. Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting provider that’s similar Nexcess in product offering. See cloudways review.

They both offer managed cloud hosting with great features and you site can benefit a great deal from them. However, Nexcess is great for agencies but cloudways beats them on prices when getting started.

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The best for eCommerce hosting with the most popular applications.

Nexcess Key Features

Nexcess features are optimized for eCommerce websites. This is why Nexcess is the better option for ecommerce sites than most cloud hosting options. Here is a list of some great features Nexcess offers:

What Nexcess managed WordPress hosting features

An integrated CDN (content delivery network) that optimizes your website’s load time. A CDN is great for increasing the site load speeds. This intern which cultivates great buyer experiences in ecommerce websites.

Automatic daily backups and restoration services. This means you can rest easy knowing that the data on your site is being backed up daily. Incase there’s a problem with the site or something happens to your hosting provider, you’ll have a complete copy of all of your files from the day before to restore from.

Free SSL certificates for any domain hosted with them including wildcard support. Since SSL is an important part of keeping customer information private and secure, this feature alone makes switching from another host worth it alone.

One-click staging sites allow developers and marketers to create multiple versions of their site at once. You don’t have to worry about overwriting changes made on one version with another version accidentally. They’ll just be stored in different folders until they’re ready for deployment or not.

It might sound complicated but it’s actually very easy. Just select “Create Staging Site” when adding a new domain after logging into the control panel that’s all there is too it.

Nexcess offers an automatic image compression and lazy loading which can drastically improve site performance. Great performance for website is an excellent feature that get your website to rank higher on search. Not just that but, when people come to your website they will spend more time.

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The best for eCommerce hosting with the most popular applications.

Nexcess Pricing

Nexcess hosting web hosting pricing

Nexcess pricing plans are differentiated by products offered and application instances.

Managed WordPress and managed WooCommerce hosting starts from $13.30/month. All plans come with single click auto scaling, performance monitoring, PHP support, free site migration and more.

Cloud Hosting including fully managed Magento, Woo, Drupal, WordPress, expression, Craft CMS, OROCRM and Expression Engine hosting start from $49. You can Save 30% off your first 3 months of Nexcess Managed Magento hosting for new purchases.

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The best for eCommerce hosting with the most popular applications.

Nexcess Products

What Nexcess hosting offers

Nexcess offers an intuitive interface and a large selection of plans to match your needs. From single-click installs environment optimizations for Magento, WooCommerce, WordPress, ExpressionEngine, Craft CMS, to OroCRM, Nexcess has everything you need to get your site up and running in no time.

You can even launch your own store with their ecommerce platform. It’s a feature-rich solution that combines Magento compatibility with the ease of use Nexcess provides.

The cloud technology behind this platform makes it easy for you to manage products on your website . On top of this you will provide a secure checkout experiences for buyers.

If you’re looking for flexible cloud hosting options at a price point that fits within any budget then Nexcess has just what you need. Let’s look at some of the products and features Nexcess offers.

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The best for eCommerce hosting with the most popular applications.

Flexible Cloud Hosting

Nexcess provides you with a fully managed cloud environment that you can scale up or down as your business needs change. They’ve been doing this for years, and we know how to handle all the technical details so you don’t have to.

The Nexcess Cloud is an all-in-one solution that provides both hosting and security. The platform is flexible, scalable, and easy to use. It offers a wide range of features including:

  • PCI compliance and comprehensive development tools, so you can be sure that your site is safe even as it grows.
  • Auto scaling for immediate scaling during traffic surges.
  • Nexcess CDN for improved page speeds.
  • Built in security.
  • Free migration and one click installs.

Nexcess Cloud optimizes Magento, WooCommerce, WordPress and Expression Engine for a custom-built system. It’s also the platform of choice for Drupal Hosting as well as Expression Engine Cloud Hosting, Sylius Cloud Hosting and Oro CRM Cloud Hosting.

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The best for eCommerce hosting with the most popular applications.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Nexcess managed WordPress web hosting

Nexcess Managed WordPress Hosting is a highly customizable and the most popular solution for content management. It offers advanced security, ease of use and an unparalleled level of support.

With Nexcess Managed WordPress Hosting, you can instantly deploy your website with just one-click auto-installation. The software is updated in real-time so that you always have the latest version of WordPress installed on your site. See Nexcess Managed WordPress hosting review.

The platform also offers 99.99% uptime guarantee. To top this they also offer 24/7 monitoring to ensure that your site stays up and running all the time. If any kind of problem occurs, you can reach the Nexcess technical support team right within your hosting control panel.

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The best for eCommerce hosting with the most popular applications.

Managed WooCommerce Hosting

Nexcess managed WooCommerce hosting

For those looking to build a WooCommerce-based ecommerce site, managed WooCommerce hosting is a great option. One reason why this service is so popular is because of its popularity as an ecommerce platform.

Over 26% of all online stores are built on the WooCommerce platform. This makes WooCommerce one of the most widely used ecommerce solutions on the web to date. That’s over 3.8 million website in the world

It’s free and open source, with support for over 100 payment gateways and multiple language options available in over 80 countries around the world.

Additionally, there are plenty of other reasons why you may want to use managed WooCommerce hosting:

  • Setting up your store isn’t difficult at all.
  • You can easily add new products without having to worry about compatibility issues.
  • You have access to everything from simple catalogs that let users browse through your inventory items similar to Amazon. Also, you can create something similar cart management tools like Shopify, coupons/discount codes support, shipping rates support, etc.
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The best for eCommerce hosting with the most popular applications.

Managed Magento Hosting

Magento hosting is a critical part of the eCommerce journey. The platform is known for its flexibility and scalability, but it also comes with a lot of moving parts. That’s where Nexcess comes in.

Nexcess offers fully managed, cloud-based Magento hosting with all the tools you need to succeed. With on-demand performance testing and Nexcess CDN, you can optimize your site for speed. This will ensure that your users have a great experience every time they visit your site. You’ll never have to worry about security monitoring or support

They offer staging sites, dedicated IP addresses, and instant auto scaling the list goes on. The Nexcess team makes sure your eCommerce business stays online and runs smoothly no matter what kind of traffic hits it. It can also be because of how many orders you get each day.

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The best for eCommerce hosting with the most popular applications.

Enterprise Hosting

Nexcess Enterprise hosting pricing

Enterprise hosting is the highest tier of hosting. It’s for large businesses that require high-traffic sites. Nexcess Enterprise hosting features include SSL certificates, Content Delivery Network (CDN), Image compression technology, which can help your site load faster by reducing image file sizes and optimizing them for display on a variety of devices.

It also includes server-level caching technology, which stores frequently accessed data in memory so it doesn’t need to be loaded from disk every time a browser requests it. This reduces the amount of time needed for each page load, resulting in faster page loads overall. On top of these great features Nexcess Automatically backs up your site daily on an off-site location.

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Cloud hosting


The best for eCommerce hosting with the most popular applications.

Domain Registration

Nexcess domain registration

Nexcess domain registration comes with an option to add WHOIS domain privacy protection. When you register a new domain, it’s good practice to ensure that no one can look up who owns it or where it’s hosted.

This information is typically public by default, but Nexcess gives you an option of keeping this information private on each individual domain registration order page which I find extremely helpful.

It also offers Domain Forwarding. If you don’t know what forwarding is yet, think of it as directing traffic toward another website or service when someone tries to access yours. For example, if someone wants to visit [www dot com] but instead enters [www dot net], they’ll get sent straight away over here.

You can set this up with any subdomain or root domains within minutes using the Nexcess interface. Just make sure not too many people are visiting your site all at once so everyone gets sent somewhere else instead. If there isn’t enough bandwidth available then things could get pretty slow over time.

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Cloud hosting


The best for eCommerce hosting with the most popular applications.

Nexcess StoreBuilder

Nexcess StoreBuilder

Nexcess StoreBuilder, the flagship product of, is a drag-and-drop ecommerce builder that allows you to create an online store without having to code it yourself. You can try StoreBuilder risk free for 30 days experience the ease of building custom ecommerce website for you business.

The Nexcess StoreBuilder is a platform that helps you build your online store quickly without having any coding experience. It includes templates for over 100 different types of stores from basic to advanced websites such as Amazon affiliate stores or membership sites with multiple membership levels such as WooCommerce Membership Pro or Easy Digital Downloads Membership Pro.

You can add products and categories, upload images and videos, and even let customers leave reviews on your site.

StoreBuilder is what to choose when looking to create a custom ecommerce website. It plenty of features that are easy enough for beginners to use while also offering advanced tools for more experienced users who want more control over their platform.


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The best for eCommerce hosting with the most popular applications.

SSL Certificates

Nexcess has a wide range of SSL certificates available. Whether you need a standard, premium or extended validation certificate or even a wildcard or multiple domain certificate, Nexcess can help. Here are some of the SSL Certificates they offer:

  • Standard SSL Certificates are your basic security for a great price. With Standard SSL Certificates, your site is secure and ready to go.
  • Premium SSL Certificates are perfect if you’re looking for extra security and peace of mind. Premium SSL Certificates include Extended Validation (EV) certificates, which can help improve customer trust by providing a visual indicator when they visit your site—like a green address bar or padlock symbol.
  • EV Extended Validation SSL certificates are the most secure kind of certificate on the market today, with an added layer of verification that helps boost your site’s credibility with users.
  • Wildcard SSL certificates can be used across multiple subdomains on one domain name. This allows you to protect multiple sites under one certificate at once.
  • Multiple Domain SSL certificates can be used across multiple domains on one domain name. This allows you to protect multiple sites under one certificate at once.
  • Multiple Domain EV SSL certificates allow you to protect two or more domains with a single certificate at once, making them ideal for companies operating multiple
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The best for eCommerce hosting with the most popular applications.

How to Setup your Nexcess Cloud Account

Signup for a Nexcess cloud account

1. What you need to register

To sign up for a Nexcess Cloud account, you need to have the following information:

  • Your name (First, Last)
  • Your email address

A credit card number and expiration date (if you want to pay in advance)

2. Create account and login

When you’re ready to sign up, go to the Nexcess website and click “Create New Account.”

This will bring you to the billing page where you can enter your credit card information if necessary. After that, just click “Create Account.” The next page will have your username and password—make sure they’re both secure!

Nexcess portal select create a plan

3. Choose the plan that best fits your needs (starting at $49/month for 50 GB SSD storage).

NExcess portal select application

4. Follow the instructions on the next page, including choosing a username and password for your account (and optionally selecting SSL certificates).

5. Review your order an complete.

Nexcess review complete order
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The best for eCommerce hosting with the most popular applications.

The Advantage of Hosting with Nexcess

Managed Cloud Hosting with Excellent Performance

Nexcess offers excellent performance with fully managed cloud infrastructure optimized for great products. They keep your website up to date with the latest technology for optimal performance. Of the managed cloud hosting solutions they offer, you will find the most popular platforms like WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento and more.

Nexcess is optimized for ecommerce so they take security as a priority in all their products. This is great especially if you’re your website receives high traffic, you don’t need to worry about the technical aspects of security online.

On top of everything, Nexcess ensures your online store performs with fast load speeds for better user experiences.

Cheaper Entry level plans

Nexcess’s entry-level Spark plan is cheaper than equivalent plans from hosts like WP Engine or Kinsta. It gives you a similar set of features optimized for high performance with 15GB storage, 2TB bandwidth and a staging environment. On top of this, you get unlimited email accounts hosted @yourdomain.

Inbuilt Caching using NGINX

All plans come with NGINX accelerator by default to improve content and application delivery speed. This improves content compression and stores static content so that your visitors can have great experiences browsing your website.

The plans also come with a free content delivery network for a minimum 250GB storage at no additional cost to the price of hosting.

Flexibility and Scalability

The beautiful part of Nexcess cloud server hosting is that every plan comes with auto scaling. In case your website receives traffic spikes, you won’t need to be there to manage the process.

Your server will automatically adapt to handle your website traffic. This is great because it means you won’t be punished for receiving more visitors. Your website will not experience any downtime during traffic spikes.

Dedicated Managed WooCommerce and Magento Hosting

There are dedicated managed WooCommerce and Magento hosting plans, which is great for running an eCommerce store. There are no limits to the number of visitors you should receive on your site.

So, you won’t be forced to upgrade to a higher plan every time your visitors increase to a set threshold. If you need more server resources you can always ask Nexcess support for the best way forward.


A dedicated support team is available 24/7 and you can reach them via live Chat, email and call on your hosting dashboard. Live Chat is available only during business hours. In case of emergencies, you can call the Nexcess support team for assistance at any time.

The Downside of Hosting with Nexcess

There is no free domain on any plan

Unlike other webhosting provider, Nexcess doesn’t have an option to get a free domain with hosting. You buy a domain separate from hosting. You can however register a domain on their site without the need to look for a different domain registrar.

Live Chat is only available during business Hours

The Nexcess support isn’t as responsive as you’d get from other hosts like WP Engine, Kinsta, or Dreamhost. If you value premium support then paying a little for the other cloud hosting provider might be a good option to go with.

Money back guarantee only on the first month

You can only try Nexcess risk free for 30days if you choose the StoreBuilder plan to launch your online store. Otherwise, Nexcess does not offer money back guarantee for their prepaid or annual plans.

In Summary: Nexcess Review

Nexcess is a great option for small business owners and freelancers who don’t want to deal with complex server management but still want their sites to be secure and fast.

It’s also a great choice if you’re a developer looking for low-cost, high-quality VPS hosting that can help you build your portfolio or get started with building your own software products.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Nexcess Review

Is Nexcess Legit?

Yes Nexcess is legit. They are a great company offering cloud hosting for small businesses to enterprise businesses.

What is Nexcess?

Nexcess is a division of Liquid Web that provides managed webhost services for WordPress and WooCommerce among others.

Is Nexcess good?

Nexcess offers excellent value for the price, which is the most critical factor when choosing a host. On the other hand, the customer service isn’t nearly as good as some other managed WordPress hosting services.

Is Nexcess StoreBuilder Worth It?

Nexcess recently launched its online store builder called StoreBuilder. This tool allows businesses to build ecommerce stores without having to code anything themselves. Instead, Nexcess provides templates and drag-and-drop tools to help customers design and launch their sites. Check out our StoreBuilder review.

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