The Best VPS hosting provider

The Best VPS Hosting Providers for 2024

VPS hosting providers typically offer plenty of features like unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 support, and free backups. But they also vary in price and other factors.
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Offers the best-priced VPS hosting plans in the market with an easy-to-use interface.

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InMotion Hosting VPS hosting includes cPanel and a free WHM license.


Best choice for VPS host for reliability and uptime monitoring

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A domain registrar and hosting provider with VPS, and cloud servers.

When you're looking for a new virtual private server, it can be difficult to know where to start. There are so many options and details to consider, and it can be hard to tell which features are just hype and which ones are helpful.

If you upgrade to any one of the best VPS hosting providers, your site’s performance will improve instantly. VPS hosting is an easy way to get more control over your site without having to set up your server. It's perfect if you're just getting started with web design or want to improve your current website.

VPS hosting providers typically offer plenty of features like unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 support, and free backups. But they also vary in price and other factors. Some charge a monthly fee based on how much space your site uses, others charge by the site itself like WordPress. And some offer free trials so you can try out their services before committing.

If you're looking for the best VPS hosting provider, you've come to the right place.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting is a virtual private server (VPS) service that allows you to host multiple websites from a single account. This means that you don’t have to pay for extra servers or bandwidth. Instead, you only pay for the resources you use.

VPS hosting services offer a number of benefits over shared hosting. They allow you to create custom environments for each site, they provide much greater control over your web applications, and they give you access to more powerful tools.

What is The Best VPS Hosting Provider?

1. Hostinger

Offers the best priced VPS plans in the market

Hostinger VPS hosting

Hostinger offers virtual private servers at the most affordable price, their interface is also easy to use even for beginners. With Hostinger’s cheapest VPS plan you won’t get much help setting up your account as you would with a managed VPS plan.

It’s a plan that gives you the resources you need to make your first upgrade and unlock the power of a virtual private server. You do get the support you need to get started with support agents available 24/7/365.

Hostinger offers dedicated IP addresses as part of their standard package.

Also, they offer unlimited subdomains and emails as well as free domain name registration when you purchase three years or longer of hosting with them.

Dedicated IP addresses are important if you want your site to be able to receive email or send out mail, but most shared hosting accounts don't offer them. You also need a dedicated IP address if you want to set up SSL/TLS encryption on your site, which is a good idea for security purposes. Hostinger is one of the only web hosts that offer this option, so if you choose any other company, you won't be able to get the same level of security on your site.

Hostinger also makes it easy to backup and restore your VPS server. With Hostinger’s unmanaged VPS, you get a wide range of OS to pick from CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, or Suse all with a one-click to install. When you get cPanel with Hostinger your plans start from $1.95 per month which is cheaper than getting it with other hosts.

Hostinger VPS hosting pricing

Hostinger offers 6 pricing plans with better resources as you go to the higher plans. Like other Hostinger plans, you get the best price when you sign up for a four-year plan. Though it may seem like a big ask, especially if you are testing the service, it’s pretty cheap to work with. The advantage is you get a 30day money-back guarantee so it comes at no risk to you.

2. Dreamhost

Best bandwidth and storage space per dollar spent (they offer unlimited bandwidth).

Dreamhost VPS hosting

With DreamHost's Virtual Private Server (VPS) plans, you can host your website on a high-performance server that's backed by one of the best companies in the industry.

DreamHost offers some of the fastest speeds available today due to its advanced network infrastructure. Their infrastructure allows them to provide reliable hosting services at low prices while also meeting high demands from customers looking for more power than the usual shared hosting plans offered today.

They provide this excellent service without sacrificing quality control standards like uptime guarantee (99% guaranteed) or technical support response time (24 hours). They have some of the best support I have experienced personally, through live chat and email.

So you can rest easy knowing your site will be up when it needs to be. You'll also get unlimited bandwidth, so you won't have to worry about overage charges or slowing performance.

  • Protected CPU and RAM
  • Persistent processes are allowed (and are never killed)
  • Ability to alter the memory on the fly, without the need to reboot
  • Ability to reboot the server from the panel
  • Historical memory and load graphs can be viewed on the panel
  • SSD-based drives which offer speeds 20x times faster than traditional SATA disk drives
Dreamhost VPS hosting pricing

At Dreamhost, VPS plans start from $10/month on a basic plan. The catch for this is you have to commit to a 3year plan. Dreamhost offers some great features in their managed VPS plans. They also make it easy for you to get started. Their month-to-month basic plan goes for $15/month.

3. Hostgator

Best choice for reliability and uptime monitoring

Hostgator VPS hosting

HostGator has an excellent track record for getting back to customers quickly and solving their problems effectively over the years.

Best for reliability and uptime monitoring, they have a 99.99% uptime guarantee and money-back guarantee as well. They also have a free domain name with every hosting which means you don't have to pay extra if you want to start your website right away.

HostGator is our top choice for reliability. If you're looking for affordable service with reliable uptime, HostGator is an excellent choice. They offer 24/7 technical support via phone or email, as well as live chat from 9 AM – 5 PM EST Monday through Friday.

With Hostgator, you also get full root access to your virtual private server. So, you can choose from a wide range of content management systems or custom code if that's what works best for you.

Plus, they've got tons of features built into their VPS hosting plans so that you can make sure your site looks great and is easy for customers to navigate. You'll enjoy site templates, a powerful script installer, site development tools, and weekly offsite backups for VPS data. So, even if something does go wrong with your site or infrastructure, it won't be hard to fix it.

Hostgator VPS hosting pricing plans

Hostgator also offers some of the best pricing on VPS hosting packages in terms of value for money you get the lowest package at $23.95/month for 2GB RAM. If you're looking for a company that won't let you down when things get tough like during an unexpected DDOS.

4. Inmotion

InMotion Hosting VPS hosting includes cPanel and a free WHM license.

Inmotion VPS hosting

They may not have the cheapest plans in the market but Inmotion's stand-out feature is that they offer a minimum of 4GB RAM on their basic plan with 2CPU cores, which is insane. If you feel you need more power you can always opt for their cloud VPS to have more control over your virtual private server.

With great features, excellent customer support, and reliability, InMotion offers everything it takes to build a successful website on its platform. Their VPS hosting plans include free website transfers, a resource monitoring dashboard, and redundant hardware clusters dedicated with a 99%uptime guarantee. They are also optimized for eCommerce with PCI compliance.

Inmotion has solutions for personal, small businesses, agencies, and enterprise businesses with larger application deployment.

They offer fast and secure solutions with 24/7 customer support, extensive data center facilities in the US and Europe, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Plus they have an excellent reputation in the industry and they're a great value for money. And because of our high-quality hardware, industry leaders like Intel and AMD are used in their servers to give you the fastest hosting available.

Inmotion VPS pricing

Inmotion VPS plans start from $19.99 when you commit to a 3year plan which saves you up to $1, 440 in VPS fees from a month-to-month plan. Their basic plan offers 2 CPU Cores, 4GB RAM, 90GB NVMe SSD Storage, 2TB Bandwidth, 2 Dedicated IPs, Free SSL certificate, Free Website Transfers & Server Setup, 5 cPanel Licenses Included, and a Free WHM License

5. Bluehost

Offers some of the best features for VPS hosting

Bluehost VPS hosting

Bluehost is most commonly known for its WordPress hosting solutions. This does not mean they don’t have other hosting services available. They offer one of the cheapest hosting solutions on a 3year plan starting from $18.00/month.

Bluehost gives you a ton of options when it comes to choosing how much RAM or storage space your account gets. Their prices are pretty reasonable too. Bluehost also has great customer service. They're known for being quick at responding and helping out whenever someone needs help with their site or server configuration issues.

To help you easily manage your server, Bluehost gives you multi-server management functionality so you can add more hosting services. They also give you access control and root access to create unlimited file transfer protocol accounts or modify files on your server.

Bluehost VPS hosting pricing

Bluehost is one of the most popular providers in the industry because they offer affordable pricing on all their plans starting at $18.99 per month. All VPS plans come with unlimited domains, databases, and cPanel/WHM. They also offer one-click WordPress installation which makes it easy to get started right away. If this is your first time using a web host service like this it will be easy for you to work your way to launching your website.

6. Green Geeks

Best for green hosting, they use clean energy sources and are carbon neutral.

green geeks web hosting

GreenGeeks is a great choice if you want your site hosted in an environmentally friendly way. They're carbon neutral and they use renewable energy sources whenever possible. This means you can feel good about using them as your VPS host.

GreenGeeks provides green web hosting solutions that are both environmentally friendly and cost-effective. They offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space along with no hidden fees or contracts.

GreenGeeks offers green hosting services by offsetting their carbon footprint by 300%. This they do by investing 3 times the energy they use in renewable energy sources like wind farms or solar panels. They also offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth so there's no limit on how much information you can share on your server.

Which VPS Hosting Service Should you Choose?

So, how can you choose the best VPS hosting? It all comes down to what you need from your plan. In case of reliability is important to you, HostGator might be the way to go. If sustainability and green initiatives are at the top of your list, GreenGeeks might be just the thing. And if dedicated IP addresses are a must-have, Hostinger might be an excellent choice.

But what if you want all those things? DreamHost is a solid option when it comes to bandwidth. This means they'll have no problem keeping up with your site's traffic. They also offer great customer service via phone or email including 24/7 support. And if reliability is important to you, DreamHost offers 99% uptime guarantees on their hosting packages.

If you're looking for a reliable host and won't go down when you need it most, HostGator is the way to go. Their network uptime is nearly 100%. Also, they have multiple data centers across North America so your site will always be up to no matter where in the world it's hosted.

If you need dedicated IP addresses for your sites, Hostinger is our top choice. It offers both shared and dedicated IP addresses at a very affordable price. Their customer service team will help you set up everything from the beginning if needed.

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