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The Best Business VoIP Software Providers for 2024

The VoIP industry has grown dramatically since its inception, with increasing numbers of providers emerging to cater to a wide range of markets. Small businesses are no exception to this trend. In this article, we have put together a list of the best VoIP Providers you can use for your business. Have a look to make your VoIP choice.
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Flexible business cloud VoIP service with reliable voice and video services.


Makes it easier for you to upgrade your account to get more features.


Virtual online phone service for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

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Its a VoIP phone service and PBX phone service are all rolled into one

Looking for the best VoIP providers for your business? No problem, you have come to the right place.

The VoIP industry has grown dramatically since its inception, with increasing numbers of providers emerging to cater to a wide range of markets. Small businesses are no exception to this trend.

In fact, a recent study showed that approximately 30-50% is saved on communication spend when a business adapts VoIP.

In this article, we have put together a list of the best VoIP Providers you can use for your business.

Let’s have a look!

What is VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) refers to an internet-based phone service that allows users to make phone calls through the internet instead of traditional telephone lines.

By providing access to more functionality at a lower cost, VoIP has become an increasingly popular alternative for those looking for better communication solutions.

To help you find the right VoIP provider for your business, we've shortlisted some companies that offer competitive pricing plans and all the features you'd expect from quality service providers.

1. Ooma

Ooma office VoIP provider

Ooma Office is an affordable and flexible business cloud-based VoIP service with reliable voice and video services. It is our top pick for the best overall VoIP provider because it offers the best value, dependability, and ease of use.

Ooma Office offers free same-country calling to anywhere in the US and Canada, as well as discounted international calls. It provides business-class VoIP service that can be used on smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

The service offers unlimited US/Canadian calls, enhanced call blocking from spammers, a multi-ring feature, a virtual receptionist, and mobile app management.

Ooma Office connects to any standard landline or mobile device. The service providers also offer a mobile app that allows you to manage your calls on the go.

In addition to great call quality, Ooma Office has several features that make it very appealing for businesses:

  • Enhanced Call Blocking: filter spam calls and numbers using keywords or patterns
  • Multi-Ring: choose up to 4 phone numbers for your company; each number will ring at once
  • Virtual Receptionist: set up a custom greeting for when your business does not answer


Ooma offers two pricing plans, the lowest being $19.95 and the highest at $24.95 per month per user. When you choose  Ooma Office with 35+ features or Ooma Office Pro which also includes perks like Video Conferencing, Call Recording, and Enhanced Call Blocking.

2. Nextiva

Nextiva VoIP website

A lot of VoIP providers make it easier for you to upgrade your account and get more features, but Nextiva makes that process painless. The best part? There are no contracts or hidden fees to worry about.

Nextiva gives you unlimited calls to the United States and Canada, unlimited video calls, and a single auto attendant. There are no user restrictions which means you can add as many users as you want even on their lowest plan.

The downside to Nextiva is that mobile SMS is not available on their basic plan and call recordings are only available on higher plans. Here are some of the great features they provide;

  • They have great collaboration features on high tier plans
  • Voicemail to email notifications keep you up to date with your missed incoming calls right from your email
  • Unlimited Voice and video call on all plans


Nextiva offers 3 pricing plans.

The essential plan starts at $21.95/user/month and comes with unlimited voice and video calling, voicemail, toll-free numbers, outlook and google contacts integrations, and unlimited internet fax.

The professional package goes for $21.95/user/month and offers unlimited conference calls (40 participants) and video conferencing (up to 250 participants). What makes this plan even better is the ability to integrate, Mobile and Desktop SMS/MMS, Salesforce/HubSpot Integrations, and finally, 1 professionally recorded Greeting.

The enterprise package goes for $25.95/user/month and offers everything in Professional, plus unlimited participants on voice & video conferencing, Call recording, unlimited video conference recording, Voicemail transcription, Microsoft Teams/Custom Integrations, Single Sign-On, and 3 Professionally Recorded Greetings.

3. Grasshopper

Grasshopper virtual phone system

Grasshopper is a virtual online phone service for entrepreneurs and small businesses owner. Grasshopper offers a low-cost virtual phone system that is easy to set up and use.

They have prices in such a way that you get all features regardless of your plan. What determines the price is the With their basic plan you get access to over 40 advanced features like call forwarding, voice transcription, business texting, voicemail delivered via email, and more.

Grasshopper has great customer support available by live chat or email 24/7 with a response time of fewer than 15 minutes on average. This is a great option for a business looking for calls and text messaging.


For $26 per month, you get unlimited toll-free or local numbers with unlimited extensions and voicemail transcription. This plan also includes three hours of call forwarding per month, which means you can have a team member answer incoming calls on your behalf or forward calls to your cell phone.

4. RingCentral

Ringcentral VoIP website

RingCentral is a cloud-based virtual phone system that offers a comprehensive set of features and functionality. RingCentral provides you with both the business voice services you need, along with the flexibility and scalability your growing business demands.

Its VoIP phone service and PBX phone service are all rolled into one. With a virtual PBX phone system, every employee gets assigned their extension number while reaching customers through any device: computer, smartphone, tablet, or desk phone.

That means everyone can work from anywhere, at home or on the road - while still being able to access shared features like IVR auto attendants, voicemail transcription, and unified messaging.

In addition to these convenient features, RingCentral also offers advanced call management controls with its mobile apps and web portal that let you screen calls, transfer calls between employees in different physical locations even across borders, send faxes via email, record your conversations for compliance purposes or simply for training purposes so you can review them later and more.


Ringcentral pricing plans start from $19.99/user/month and go up to $49.99/user/month

5. CloudTalk

Cloudtalk website

CloudTalk is the best cloud-based contact center service for businesses, both small and large. CloudTalk is one of the fastest growing cloud phone systems in the world. They offer services to some of the biggest companies in the world like DHL, and Mercedes Benz. CloudTalk's affordable pricing and easy-to-use features make it the go-to option for dozens of industries, from real estate to retail. Its customer service has a great reputation.

With CloudTalk, you get access to real time analytics and agents’ performance, and connect your whole remote team to the same call center. Additionally, you will enable your team to interact with customers from a shared inbox intern, reducing moving between apps. This also keep customer communication consistent and seamless.

They have a strong global network which means they are consistent in offering great customer experiences. With CloudTalk you can integrate with some of the best CRM platforms like Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive and more, to improve customer experiences.


Plans start from around $25/user/month when you register for an annual plan. If you are looking to get more features like real time client dashboard, you will have to pick a higher plan.

6. Dialpad

Dialpad VoIP service

Dialpad is an AI powered cloud communication platform offering business communications and customer engagement solutions. With Dialpad you have an all in one communications platform where you can do everything from call, messaging, and meetings in one app. Their AI powered video conferencing feature comes at no cost to you fo meetings under 45 minutes.

Dial pad’s voice intelligence can generate call highlights and clips and also identify unknown numbers. Its range of features include unlimited calls, and SMS and integrations with some popular planforms like google one and Office 365.

If you are looking to minimize productivity using a VoIP service, then Dialpad is your best option. The downside of Dialpad is they have separate plans for video conferencing and call center features. Also it can get expensive.


Their standard plan starts at $15 per user per month with unlimited calling and SMS. Also, you get voicemail transcription in this plan.

7. Bitrix24

BritrixWebsite all in one CRM and collaboration tool

Bitrix24 offers and all in one environment with CRM, task management and project management and tracking. It has everything today’s business needs to stay ahead of completion in delivering exceptional service to customers. More than 10 million organizations trust Bitrix24, and it offers service in 18 languages.

With collaboration tools, CRM, projects, HR and automation and website builders, Bitrix24 is truly, an all in one solution. Bitrix24 gives you access to some of the best features your business needs including;

  • Online meetings,
  • Chats and video calls,
  • Online payments,
  • A contact center environment,
  • Crm tools,
  • Task management,
  • SEO-friendly website building and
  • A comprehensive knowledge base builder.

A VoIP provider integrated with a CRM solution makes sure that every agent's activities are logged, so anyone in the company can see who they're speaking to and what they're discussing.

This means greater efficiency across the organization: Sales agents can follow up quickly and effectively on leads because they have access to all their data in one place. Bitrix24 works well as a unified communications system for small businesses because the pricing structure is favorable. Bitrix doesn’t charge per hour but instead has created caps limiting features and the number of users for each plan.


BItrix offer a free forever with limited features, in collaboration, task and projects, CRM, Drive, contact center and website builder.

When you are ready for an upgrade to get more features, Bitrix24’s basic plans starts from $39 when you subscribe for an annual plan. This plans is for up to 5 users and has additional features like building an online store.

8. Vonage

Vonage VoIP software

Vonage, on the other hand, has a proven track record of providing reliable voice services for over 20 years. They have coverage in more than 90 countries and all 50 US states. Most importantly, Vonage operates its worldwide network infrastructure so it is not dependent on a third party to own, maintain or upgrade its network.

In addition to having a large infrastructure footprint, Vonage also has many redundant systems in place to ensure that if there is ever an issue with one of their phone lines, another phone line can immediately take over without any interruption in service.

This makes it easier for you as well because you can be confident that your phones will continue to work even if there’s an outage at their data center (they have multiple data centers located throughout the world).


Vonage has three pricing plans for mobile, premium, and advanced. Prices can differ depending on whether you are small, medium or enterprise business. Otherwise, for a team of 5 they start from $17.99/line/month for a basic plan featuring mobile and desktop app, unlimited calls and SMS, Vonage App center and unlimited team messaging.

9. Ecosmob

Ecosmob VoIP business provider

Ecosmob is a leading global VoIP service provider offering low cost international calling services to businesses and individuals around the globe. They offer complete VOIP solutions from UcaaS solutions to PBX and class 4 & 5 switches and much more. Since the company was founded it has grown rapidly. Today, Ecosmob provides its customers with over 100 countries and territories covered under their network. They also offer free calls between US and Canada, UK and Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, India and Pakistan, etc.

Ecosmob offers affordable and reliable voice communication services to businesses and consumers worldwide. With Ecosmob you can leverage the power of VoIP to make seamless calls from desktops, smartphones, VoIP phones, and WebRTC-enabled browsers.

Ecosmob is committed to providing excellent customer support and technical assistance to their clients. Their team of experts is always ready to assist you 24/7 via phone or email.


To get pricing for your Ecosmob VoIP solution you will have to contact the VoIP solutions provider by call or email.

10. HoduPBX - IP PBX Software

Hodsoft HoduPBS VoIP Software

The HoduPBX software by HoduSoft provides end-to-end solution for business communication needs. It offers various features like audio conferencing, least call routing (LCR), real-time analytics and reports and queue monitoring. With the help of this IP PBX software, businesses can take advantage of advanced features such as multitasking, IVR and auto provisioning.

HoduSoft is a good VoIP choice for business communication because it offers world-class connectivity within an office or from the remote location.


To get pricing for your HoduSoft VoIP solution you will have to contact the IP PBX solutions provider by call or email.

In Summary: VoIP Service Providers

To select the right VoIP service for your business, you need a product that meets all of your needs. The most important thing you can do is to make sure the product you choose is scalable. That way, it'll be able to grow with your business as you expand. It should also come with customer support, in case there are any problems during use.

Some providers stand out from the crowd for their sheer excellence in every regard. The legendary customer service alone gives them bonus points on top of their already stellar offerings. But others have fallen behind due to constantly subpar experiences and lackluster support from their representatives.

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