Benefits of a Podcast

The Benefits of a Podcast for your Business

People today are looking for different kinds of content. Some prefer reading long-form articles, while others like videos. Podcasts are also very popular, especially among those who travel often. As of 2021, there are over 2 million podcasts and more than 66 million podcast episodes

Podcasting is one of the best ways to market your company. It allows you to reach people on their terms. People listen to podcasts when they have time, whether they are commuting, walking around town, at work, or even doing chores. This means that you don’t just reach people when they’re home, but all day, every day.

You can use podcasts as a marketing tool by creating them about topics related to your industry. For example, if you sell fitness equipment, you could create a podcast about exercise routines. You could talk with experts in the field and interview them about what they do. Or you could simply talk about your products and services. The key here is to be informative and interesting. If people find value in what you say, they will want to subscribe to your show. 

You can record an episode in less than 30 minutes and upload it to BuzzSprout, Castos, or any other podcast hosting service. In addition, most podcast apps allow you to add links to websites, so you can include a link to your website or blog in the description of each episode.

Starting a podcast is an excellent way to get your message out there and reach potential customers. You’ll also be able to share your expertise with other professionals in your industry. If you’re looking to start a podcast for your business, here is a step-by-step guide to starting a podcast.

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Benefits of a Podcast

Table of Contents

What is Podcasting?

Why podcasting works as a content platform

The Benefits of podcasting

Key Takeaways

What is Podcasting?

Podcasting is an audio podcast format that allows users to download and play podcasts online. It is similar to radio broadcasting, except that instead of using radio waves, it uses digital signals transmitted via the Internet.

These audio files are usually streamed online, meaning they play automatically while you listen.

Podcasts are great because they allow you to listen to them anywhere and at any time. You can even download them to listen offline later. There are many different ways to create a podcast, including using software like Podcastics, Spreaker, or other recording apps.

Why Podcasting Works as a Content Platform

Podcasts are great because you can talk about any topic you like. Whether you’re a marketing guru, a sports fanatic, or just someone who loves talking about anything, podcasting is a great medium to get your voice out there.

Podcasts can also be a great way to earn money if you’re willing to put in the time and effort. There are many ways to monetize your podcast, including selling advertising space, affiliate links, sponsorships, and merchandise.

Think about devices like Google Home and Alexa. Millions of people use them every day. That means it’s getting easier for everyone to listen at home or on-demand. Podcasts are easy because you don’t need to watch someone else’s video or read someone else’s article. You just press play. It’s simple as there’s no need for you to pay attention to what’s happening around you.

Podcasting is an easy way to share your voice with others. You can record yourself talking about anything you like, then upload it to Soundcloud, iTunes or any other platform. People can download it and listen whenever they want. Podcasts are usually short, around 5 minutes long, and there are many different types of podcasts available. Some are educational, while others are just entertainment. There are even podcasts that talk about specific topics, such as politics, sports, technology, health, etc.

The Benefits of Podcasting

Podcasting has given you a new means of reaching your audience. People are addicted to listening to podcasts because they’re an easy way to absorb knowledge without having to put any effort into it.

Are you still debating whether or not you should create a podcast? Read through these benefits and decide whether you want to change your mind.

Having a Podcast Enables Access to Valuable Clients

Podcasts are a great way to reach out to a specific audience. It is 68% more likely for a podcast listener to have a postgraduate degree, and that’s why people who listen to podcasts tend to be very well-educated, wealthy, and have stable jobs. 

These people make great clients for your company. Podcasting is also a great way to get in front of a large number of potential customers at once. You can create a podcast that talks about your product or service, and then promote it through social media and other channels. When you’re ready to launch, you’ll have a huge list of interested listeners waiting for you to send them information.

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Podcasts are Perfect for Engagement and Community Building

Podcast listeners are more likely than blog readers to spend time listening to an entire episode of a podcast.

You will be able to speak to their needs and concerns without them missing anything important. The only thing is they may be distracted by another person while listening. 

A podcast is an excellent way to get people interested in your business and to keep them coming back for more. You can use this to send them to your site where they can subscribe to your email list. You can also build a community where you can efficiently market and sell your products and find more customers.

Podcasts Are an OnDemand 

People love the idea of getting information whenever they need it. With a podcast, you can provide valuable content to your audience whenever they want it.

It doesn’t matter if they’re working, sleeping, commuting, or just relaxing. They can download your podcast onto their phone or computer and listen to it wherever they go. They don’t even have to worry about finding the right place to listen to it.

This gives you a lot of flexibility when creating your podcast. You can record episodes whenever something is interesting to say. Then you can schedule those episodes to upload automatically to iTunes or any other podcast app.

Podcasts Are Cost-Effective Marketing Technique

With podcasts, you can easily reach a large number of people with minimal costs. All you need is a microphone and some software like Captivate.

The cost of producing podcasts is much lower than most traditional forms of advertising. You won’t have to pay for expensive ad space, print ads, billboards, etc. You can produce as many episodes as you’d like and distribute them online or offline.

You can also add bonus content such as interviews or webinars to your podcast. This helps you attract new subscribers and increase engagement.

Podcasts are an excellent way to reach your target audience. So if you’re looking for ways to increase your brand awareness, consider creating a podcast. You’ll be able to reach your target audience easily and cheaply.

Podcasts are Optimized for Voice Search

Voice search has become increasingly popular over the past few years. People are using voice search apps such as Siri, Google Now, Alexa, Cortana, and others to perform searches on their smartphones.

As these voice search apps continue to improve, they will begin to understand human speech patterns. Amazon recently announced that it was going to make its version of Siri called Echo. The goal here is to create a virtual assistant that understands natural language.

Podcasts are optimized for voice search because they contain spoken words instead of written text. When someone performs a voice search on their smartphone, they’ll hear a recorded message that explains how to find the answer.

For example, let’s say you wanted to learn more about podcasting. You could ask your voice search app to play back a podcast titled “How to Start a Podcast.” It would then explain how to get started by playing a short introduction. After that, you could ask questions about podcasting and the person recording the podcast would respond.

Podcasting provides Business opportunities 

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to generate revenue from your podcast. If you’re not familiar with affiliate marketing, this is where you promote products and services from companies that you’ve never done business with before.

In return, you earn commissions when customers purchase items through your links. For example, you might link to a product review page on If a customer purchases the item through your link, you receive a commission.

If you want to start making money with your podcast, you should look into affiliate marketing. 

It’s easy to get started

It’s easy to start a podcast. All you need is a computer, a microphone, a good internet connection, and a free account at Podbean. Once you sign up, you’ll be able to upload audio files directly to your website.

Here are the best podcasting tools available online that allow you to record audio files and upload them to the internet.

Once you have everything set up, you just need to publish your first episode.

It’s not always easy to start a podcast, especially when you first get started. You might feel like there isn’t enough time to produce high-quality content. However, once you’ve got the basics down, producing great podcasts will become easier.

If you’re just getting started, here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Start small. Don’t try to create an hour-long show right away. Instead, focus on creating 10-minute episodes. That means you won’t have to worry about editing out all the mistakes you made during recording.

2. Keep it short. Your audience doesn’t want to listen to a 30-minute podcast. They want to hear what you have to say in 5 minutes or less.

A Podcast is Easy to implement 

Podcasts are an easy way to share information and ideas. If you are looking to start a podcast, there are many ways to go about it.

First, you must choose what type of show you want to create. There are two main types of podcasts: audio and video. Audio podcasts consist of just audio recordings while video podcasts feature both audio and visual elements.

Next, you need to purchase equipment. A microphone is essential for recording audio podcasts. You also need a computer, camera, and other tools like a tripod, lights, etc. These items aren’t expensive, but if you plan to produce multiple episodes, you may want to invest in a soundboard.

Finally, you need a place to record. Many podcasters use their own homes, but you can rent space at a studio or even a church.

You can easily record audio using any smartphone or tablet. You can then upload the file to a website like SoundCloud, where other users will listen to it. If you want to edit your recording before uploading, there are all-in-one platforms like Podbean that provide great editing tools. 

Recording a Podcast Allows You to Take Advantage of the Omnichannel Marketing Approach

Today, omnichannel marketing has become ubiquitous, even if you didn’t realize it or not. As we know, people live in an increasingly digital world.

Only in the last decade has the internet made it possible for people to reach out to potential customers without having to physically be near them. Ads were even more costly than they are today, and not every business was able to afford them.

Now, there are countless ways to reach clients, through:

  • social media
  • email marketing
  • videos
  • written content ads
  • direct face-to-face marketing
  • and, of course, podcasts.

As podcasting becomes more popular, you should definitely consider including this approach into your digital marketing strategy. Also, remember that podcasts give you complete control over what you talk about.

You want to let people know about a new program you’re launching without making them feel bored. You can do that easily in your introduction, in just one to two minutes, and ask them to visit your website if they want more info.

Podcasts are Excellent for Your Business SEO

Podcasts get indexed by Google.

Podcasts aren’t just good for reaching more people; they’re also good for your business. Adding a podcast to your site makes it easier for people to find your site via search engines. In 2019, Google started indexing individual episodes so they could be included in search results when someone searched for a specific topic.

Podcasts Improve Your Domain Authority

If you want to appear when people search for your business name on Google, then a good podcast will help. Your business will then have greater chances of ranking high in searches. If your website ranks higher in Google, you’ll get more traffic to your website, which means more visitors. And we all know what that means: a better chance at new clients!

When it comes to SEO, things are a lot easier for podcasts. You need to pick a good keyword, just like you’d do for any piece of written content, and use it in the title and the description of the podcast. Make sure you use your keyword several times throughout the podcast so that it appears in the search results for voice searches.

Establishing authoritative presence

A podcast is a type of audio or video media file that is distributed online via RSS feeds or other web syndication protocols. Podcasting is an effective method of delivering audio or video content to listeners or viewers through the Internet.

Podcasts are often used to provide news updates, interviews, commentary, reviews, music, comedy, education, and entertainment. A podcast may also contain advertising. Podcasts are usually downloaded using specialized software called a podcatcher.

Build more brand authority

Podcasting isn’t just about creating a show and hoping people listen to it. You need to think about how you will engage with your audience and what you’ll say when you speak. If you plan out your message well, you’ll get better results. Your goal should be to provide value to your audience and to help them solve problems.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the first company in your industry to use podcasts, or if you’re the latest company to adopt the method. Podcasts can help boost your authority. When you give people multiple ways to consume your content, you become the go‑to brand who they want to talk to and hear from.

If you combine your podcasting efforts with other types of media, including audio and video options, and a dedicated blog post, you’ll be able to establish yourself as the leading authority.

Podcasts are a Traffic Source for Your Website

If your primary goal is to sell products through your website, a podcast might be helpful. That being said, it would be best if you did not make the goal of selling your products the goal of your podcast. If you just talk about your products and try to convince people to buy them without actually doing anything, you’ll probably get nothing but negative feedback.

Your goal in creating a podcast should not be for it to sell but to raise your brand awareness and capture your audience’s email addresses.

If your primary goal is to sell products through your website, a podcast might be helpful. That being said, it would be best if you did not make the goal of selling your products the goal of your podcast. If you just talk about your products and try to convince people to buy them without actually doing anything, you’ll probably get nothing but negative feedback.

Your goal in creating a podcast should not be for it to sell but to raise your brand awareness and capture your audience’s email addresses.

You can mention a product from time to time, but your podcast’s purpose should be to attract your potential customers by providing content that is relevant to their needs.

Research is the Key to Making a Good Podcast

If you want to use your podcast effectively to drive quality traffic to websites, you need to thoroughly research and understand the demographics of your ideal audience.

Once you’ve got everything in place, you can start creating and coming up with a podcast that can generate leads for your business. Why? It’s simple. You’ll be telling them exactly what they want to hear. You’ll be like a close friend to them, someone they know really, really well, and who knows everything there is to know about them.

You should focus on becoming that friend and establish your podcast as a trusted brand. Once you’ve built the trust, your audience will be more willing to visit your website and buy from you. 

You should always make sure that the products you recommend are actually helpful and not just pushing or selling low-quality products.

Increased brand awareness

Today, the digital presence of companies is just as important as their physical products available in stores. Every modern brand knows they need to be online and aims to get there. Competition is really intense.

Audiences shift from traditional media such as newspapers and television to digital media such as social media platforms and blogs. Therefore, being present through various channels helps businesses increase their brand recognition, and engage with potential clients.

Podcasts are not exempt from the rule. Podcast listeners can be a completely new audience and potential new customer base for businesses.

New sources of income

Podcasting is a great way to earn money online. You can create a podcast and sell ads against it. If you’re interested in getting paid to talk about something you love, then podcasting might be right for you!

If you’re a podcaster, you can start making money with your podcast network. You’ll need to create an online platform that allows listeners to subscribe to your podcasts. Once you’ve got enough subscribers, you can sell advertising space on your shows.

Why use WordPress?

WordPress is an affordable solution and open-source platform. This means anyone can download the code and modify it to suit their needs. There are thousands of developers who have modified WordPress to make it better than ever. It’s one of the most powerful platforms available today.

1. WordPress is Open Source

WordPress is a free and open-source CMS platform designed to help you easily publish websites. Anyone can modify the source code, and share it with others. It’s designed to allow people to add their ideas to improve the platform, and there’s an open-source community that supports them.


2. WordPress is Flexible

It is very flexible and easy to use, allowing you to customize almost anything about your site. There are many plugins available that allow you to extend its functionality even further. If you need a simple blog, there is the ClassicPress theme. For something more complex, there is the Brizy layout builder. 


 3. WordPress is Easy to use

WordPress is an easy-to-use, free, and open-source CMS platform. WordPress allows users to create websites using simple drag & drop tools. Adding features to existing sites is also very easy. You can change themes, plugins, and even code if you have the time. However, there are many third-party extensions available that allow you to extend WordPress functionality. For example, you could write a custom plugin to send emails directly from your site.


4. WordPress is Free

WordPress is completely free to install and use. There are no costs associated with installing WordPress on your web server. The only cost is hosting, which is typically paid annually. You don’t need any special skills to set up a WordPress website. Anyone can do it!


5. WordPress has Thousands of Extensions

There are thousands of extensions The interface is intuitive and user-friendly. The admin panel makes adding new features and managing your site quick and easy. It has a drag-and-drop editor that makes creating web pages fast and easy. All you need to do is click and type!


6. WordPress is SEO-friendly

The SEO-friendly nature of WordPress makes it ideal for search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines such as Google love WordPress because it provides great content and is easy to update. It’s also mobile-friendly, meaning it looks good on all devices.


7. WordPress is Mobile-Friendly

WordPress is fully responsive so it will look great on any device. You can edit posts and pages right from your phone or tablet. It also works well in landscape mode, making it perfect for viewing on WordPress is search engine optimized (SEO) by default. That means that when someone searches for your business name or product online, your site will come up in the results.


8. WordPress is Scalable

Scalability is another benefit of WordPress. Because it is an open-source content management system, it is highly scalable. This means that it can be used to build large websites. It is also extensible, meaning that you can add additional modules to increase scalability. These include things like eCommerce, membership, social media integration, etc.


9. WordPress is Secure

WordPress is secure by design. It uses strong encryption technology to protect data. It also comes with built-in security measures to prevent hacking. It is also PCI compliant, ensuring that credit card information is kept safe.


10. WordPress is Reliable

WordPress is reliable. It is backed by a team of developers who constantly work to make sure that it remains bug-free and stable. They also provide updates to keep it current. If something goes wrong, they fix it quickly.

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WordPress Features 

WordPress is a powerful tool for creating websites because it comes with all of the tools you need to create a professional-looking site. It also has a lot of free resources available to help you get started. However, if you plan on using WordPress for any kind of serious project, you will probably want to invest in a premium plugin or theme. These add-ons give you access to additional features that allow you to customize your site even further.

Speed – WordPress is a lightweight website framework that strives to remove code bloat that slows down the loading speeds of websites. As a result, it loads much faster than other platforms.

SEO – WordPress was designed with SEO in mind. It includes many features that make it easier to optimize your site for search engines.

Mobile-Friendly – WordPress is fully responsive. This means that no matter what device you use to view your site, it will display properly.

Media file library – WordPress allows users to upload images, videos, audio files, and more directly to their sites. This eliminates the need for third-party image libraries.

Custom menus – WordPress offers custom menus that allow users to organize their menu items in a way that best suits them.

Plugins – Plugins are extensions that allow users to extend WordPress beyond its core functionality. There are thousands of plugins available to download. Some are free while others cost money.

Theme Customization – WordPress themes offer complete control over how your site appears. Users can change colours, fonts, layout, and more without having to learn HTML.

Multisite – Multisite allows multiple blogs to exist within one account. This makes managing multiple blogs much easier.

Social Media Integration – Social media integration allows users to share content across various networks.

Security – WordPress is extremely secure. It does not store user passwords, which makes it safer than most other platforms.


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What is a WordPress Plugin?

WordPress plugins are like apps for your blog. You can install them directly from within your WordPress dashboard. A WordPress plugin is an extension of your site that adds new features, and functionality or integrates other services.

When you download a WordPress plugin, you get all the source code. So you can customize the code to suit your needs. There are thousands of plugins available for WordPress, and many of them are free. Some plugins cost money, but there are also free plugins available.

Must-Have WordPress Plugins

All WordPress websites will be able to benefit from these essential WordPress plugins.

WordPress backup plugin – WordPress doesn’t have a built-in backup function, so having a backup solution in place will help you avoid losing any data if you ever accidentally delete something from your site.

A backup plan is also crucial when it comes to mitigating a security breach or hack because if something goes wrong, you need to be able to recover from it. BackupBuddy is the original WordPress backup plugin to backup, restore or even move your website to a new host or domain.

WordPress Security plugin – The WordPress Security plugin helps keep your site safe by blocking known malware, stopping brute force attacks, and preventing spam comments. It also provides a detailed report on your site’s security status. Like Stellar WP Firewall, this plugin is easy to set up and configure.

WP Super Cache – WP Super Cache caches pages on your server, making them load faster. This can save bandwidth and improve performance, especially on mobile devices.

WordPress SEO plugin – Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for getting traffic to your site. Having a good search ranking is essential to getting visitors. The WordPress SEO plugin like AISEO (All in One SEO) gives you tools to make sure your site gets found.

Check out this HubSpot video of five tips for building your WordPress Website:

Making Money with WordPress

New industries have sprung up around WordPress. There are many ways to make money with WordPress today, ranging from running an online store to building websites for clients to WordPress consulting.

Build WordPress websites for your clients – If you are an experienced web developer or designer, then you can specialize in building WordPress websites. As WordPress is so easy to learn, it makes sense to train clients on how to use their websites.

WordPress maintenance – Many WordPress site owners don‘t have time to maintain WordPress sites. WordPress maintenance includes important tasks such as updating the software, backing up the site, securing it, optimizing it for search engines, and more.

The Essential WordPress Maintenance Checklist

WordPress SEO – WordPress search engine optimization can be useful for many businesses hoping to generate greater organic search traffic and outcompete their competitors. You can specialize in website auditing, keyword research, content creation and more.

WordPress consulting – Some business owners need help designing, building, growing or improving their websites. WordPress consultants know all about WordPress optimization, functionality, plugins and features.

Content Writing – Being able to use WordPress makes you a strong candidate for many businesses that need content creation services.


Key Takeaways

I hope that you have enjoyed this overview of the WordPress platform. By this point, you should appreciate what WordPress can do and have a better understanding of the differences between the self-hosted version of WordPress found at and the hosted version.

WordPress has become one of the most popular platforms for creating websites. With its ease of use, scalability, flexibility, and affordability, there are many reasons why WordPress continues to grow in popularity.

New WordPress themes and plug-ins are being added every day and the platform is well maintained by all web hosts.

I have used many other applications to build websites however WordPress is the website building solution I turn to again & again as creating and updating a WordPress website is so straightforward!

If you’re looking to create a website using WordPress, we recommend starting with Kinsta or one of the listed web hosting options below. 

Find what you need to grow better