The Ultimate List of LinkedIn Statistics 2023

Are you crafting a digital marketing strategy? Do you want to know some LinkedIn statistics that will help you use this business tool better? Then you need to keep reading. I'm going to show you the most interesting LinkedIn facts , gathered from various sources so that you can see how big of a role social media plays in your online presence.

As marketers, we are constantly looking for statistics to give us insights to improve our marketing and sales efforts. Though LinkedIn is an important platform to use, we have an ultimate guide to social media marketing to help you with the entire digital marketing strategy.

While there are numerous statistic websites out there that provide us with the latest numbers, it is becoming more difficult to sort through the bad data and information to get to the numbers that actually matter. These insights will help you build a more up-to-date social media strategy for your business. 

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Social media Usage Statistics

1. LinkedIn is officially the oldest social network on the block.

LinkedIn officially launched nine months before Facebook on May 5th, 2003, which makes LinkedIn the oldest of the major social networks still in use today.

While other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have ruled the social media scene for quite a while, LinkedIn was silently growing to prominence in the background.

Not only is it the oldest modern social media platform, but LinkedIn has also established itself as the best professional business platform in the world.

2. LinkedIn has 36 offices and 19,000 employees.

LinkedIn has offices located in more than 30 cities worldwide, ten of which are in the United States.

LinkedIn has more than 19,000 full-time employees and offices in more than 30 cities around the world, compared to 35 offices and 18, 000 employees in 2021. LinkedIn is expanding its reach significantly.

3. LinkedIn is now available in 26 languages

This allows many global users to access the network in their native language.

LinkedIn is now available in 26 different languages, which means that your brand has an opportunity for other territories and audiences across the globe.

LinkedIn looks like the best platform to connect brands across the globe. This insight indicates that LinkedIn understands that business transcends every language and every country in the world. A feature like this makes communication easier between cultures, which will only grow LinkedIn’s reach and spur its growth.

4. Over 12 million LinkedIn members are indicating their availability to work.

Making use of LinkedIn’s #OpenToWork photo frame feature, over 12 million users are actively signifying their eligibility to prospective hirers.

5. LinkedIn’s Remote Job Postings Increased in 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made working remotely a norm. Due to COVID-19, remote jobs on LinkedIn increased by 2.5 times. Businesses had to adapt to the lockdown challenges. Therefore, businesses adopted the idea and are investing in infrastructure to accommodate the remote working trend.

LinkedIn stood as the strongest professional network in the world during this period. People could find jobs and recruit professionals online.

LinkedIn User Statistics

6. LinkedIn Has 830 Million Users.

LinkedIn officially has 830 million users. Although it is not the largest social network, it is a significant player in the social media space.

The LinkedIn platform is growing and is the largest professional platform in the world. It is important for businesses and professionals alike. With more than 800 million users on LinkedIn, there is ample opportunity to network for businesses and individuals as well.

7. More LinkedIn Users Are Men.

LinkedIn statistics show that men make up 57% of people who use LinkedIn, while women make up the remaining 43% of users.

Although your brand insights are unique, it is safe to assume that generally if your product or brand is aimed more at men, then being on LinkedIn is going to be an advantage.

8. Most LinkedIn Users Are Outside of the USA.

The U.S. is LinkedIn’s largest market by country, but 76% of its users are outside of America.

To expand your brand beyond America, you will have a starting point with LinkedIn. 

9. LinkedIn’s Users Are Mostly between 25 and 34 years old.

About 60% of LinkedIn’s users are between the ages of 25 and 34 years old.

LinkedIn is a social media website that resonates with a lot of the younger generation, most particularly millennials. This is similar to other social media networks like Facebook.

10. 45% of content readers on LinkedIn are in upper management.

Reaching upper management is difficult. But with LinkedIn, there’s a really good chance that your content is being read by upper management employees in your industry.

About 45% of people that read content on LinkedIn have an upper management job, which means you have a chance to organically reach and network industry leaders.

11. 3 Million LinkedIn Users Share Content Every Week.

Compared to other platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook LinkedIn poses a great opportunity for content creators. LinkedIn has 3 million users sharing content every week.

If you have a social media strategy and content creation schedule, there is a chance for your content to break through and reach decision-makers in your industry.

12. 37% of 30-49 years old use LinkedIn.

In the US 37% of all 30-49-year-olds use LinkedIn. LinkedIn can be useful for any age group, it helps users stay up-to-date with industry news, find new opportunities and stay in touch with their team.

13. 49% of LinkedIn users earn $75,000+ per year.

LinkedIn is also the platform of choice for high earners. According to a social media usage survey, by Pew Research, 49% of all LinkedIn users earn over $75,000 per year. That is a significant number of high earners and great news for marketers looking to use the platform to generate leads and sales.

14. 37% of millionaires are LinkedIn members.

LinkedIn is the second most popular social media platform amongst the wealthy elite after Facebook.

According to Spectrem, 37% of the world’s millionaires have a LinkedIn profile.

15. Over 90% of Fortune 500 companies use LinkedIn.

When used well, LinkedIn is great for having a good presence online. LinkedIn can help a company communicate with its team, hire new employees and build a good brand reputation online.

Fortune 500 companies enjoy these LinkedIn benefits and understand the potential of using LinkedIn for business. It comes as no surprise that LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform amongst 92% of Fortune 500 companies.

16. LinkedIn to reach 1 billion users by 2025.

In 2022, LinkedIn's user base in the world is recorded to be more than 830 million people. By 2025, the number of LinkedIn users in the world is projected to reach 1 billion.

LinkedIn Usage Statistics

17. 40 Million LinkedIn users look for a job every week.

Now that working remotely is acceptable, this means your company has a pool of 40 million potential professionals to pick from on LinkedIn.

18. LinkedIn has a 60% increase in content creation in 2020.

The whole world saw a content influx in 2020, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is without a doubt that companies have focused more on brand presence since then.

People did online LinkedIn courses during the pandemic and shared their success. This trend is an example of content creation by professionals who were gearing up for the transformation of the work environment.

The audience on LinkedIn is irresistible for a brand that wants to connect with clients, especially in the B2B space. Therefore more people are using it as a chance to network with people that fall within their industry or niche.

19. 57% of LinkedIn’s traffic comes in through mobile.

This statistic has not changed since 2018, so the mobile experience is very important. Therefore, because 57% of LinkedIn traffic comes from mobile devices, content creators need to consider mobile when creating content.

20. There are over 57 million companies listed on LinkedIn.

Statistics show that there are over 57 million companies listed on LinkedIn, with more than 15 million open job listings.

21. About 87% of recruiters use or engage LinkedIn at some point in their recruitment process.

It comes as no surprise to know that 87% of recruiters use or engage LinkedIn at some point in their recruitment process. According to LinkedIn, over 49 million people use the platform to search for jobs every week, and every minute 6 people get hired on LinkedIn.  

22. 122 million people received interview letters for a job they applied for via LinkedIn.

A study found that 122 million received interview letters for a job they applied for on LinkedIn. Over 35 million people were hired by someone they had connected with on the platform. 

LinkedIn Advertising Statistics

LinkedIn Business Statistics

30. LinkedIn is a good recruitment tool.

More than 180 million American workers have a profile on LinkedIn.

About 97,000 companies use LinkedIn to recruit new professionals. LinkedIn also offers members a large spectrum of more than 38,000 skills to choose from, so that they can show prospective employees their skill set.

LinkedIn is a really good recruitment tool for companies around the world and not only in America.

31. Over 56 million LinkedIn users are based in China.

There are more than 50 million LinkedIn users based in China. Despite the Chinese government’s restrictions on the use of the internet, LinkedIn has risen in popularity in the country.

32. Six people are hired on LinkedIn every minute.

For both job seekers and recruiters, this statistic goes to show that LinkedIn is an excellent platform for the recruitment process. Six people are hired every minute means that approximately 3 million people are hired because of LinkedIn per year.

33. 60% of LinkedIn users are looking for Industry Insights.

LinkedIn is not only a great place for people to network with other professionals but a place to learn about leading industry insights. 60% of LinkedIn users are looking for Industry Insights on the platform.

34. 13% of the world’s population can be reached with a LinkedIn Ad.

Discounting the effects of word of mouth, one social media platform can reach a large number of people on earth.

35. LinkedIn leads are cheaper than Google Ads.

To put things in context, Google is one of the biggest marketing companies on the Internet. LinkedIn’s cost per lead is 28% lower than what Google ads can offer you.

This could be because LinkedIn’s targeting is more accurate compared to Google's. User-generated content on LinkedIn gives LinkedIn an edge here, users share information that can be authenticated by peers and institutions. Google’s target is affected by more statistical variance. This way, you can find the right leads for your brand or business, and you can spend 28% less than you would if you invested in Google ads.

36. Microsoft paid $26 billion for LinkedIn.

To put things in context, Google is one of the biggest marketing companies on the Internet. LinkedIn’s cost per lead is 28% lower than what Google ads can offer you.

37. LinkedIn's annual revenue amounted to more than $8.05 billion.

In the fiscal year 2020, LinkedIn's annual revenue was more than $ 8.05 billion, up from $5.26 billion years during the 2018 fiscal period. IT seems like the Microsoft investment is beginning to pay off.

I hope these findings will help you build a social media strategy to take advantage of the LinkedIn platform. Or maybe you are just comparing LinkedIn statistics to other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Given your focus, be sure to consider the social media tactics to improve your reach and growth.

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