Are .COM Domains Worth it? Why .COM is the King

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In the realm of web and blog development, it has been observed that the name of the site holds significant importance beyond the brand name. Professionals in the field often ponder over the ideal extension for a domain name.

If you're buying your first domain name, you're probably asking yourself “is a .com domain name better?”. The short answer is that a .com domain name is globally recognized, which gives it certain advantages over some other domain names.

The two most popular TLDs are .com and .net. However, there are hundreds more available depending on the type of site you own or plan to create. For instance, if you run a nonprofit organization you might go with .org while if you're based in Europe, opting for a country code top-level domain such as .eu could be beneficial.

At the same time, new extensions like .io and .design are growing in popularity due to their uniqueness and memorability. Businesses operating in specific areas may find that localized TLDs such as .nyc or .shop enhance relevancy for customers within those regions.

In this blog post, we look at .COM domain extensions, are they worth it, what do they mean for your blog or site if you use them.

What is a .com Domain?

When considering purchasing a domain name, it is common to have questions about various extensions such as .com and others.

It is possible that you may be wondering what a domain extension is. Put simply, a domain extension is the bit that comes after the dot in a domain name. The proper name for a domain extension is a top-level domain or TLD.

What is a .com Domain Name Extention_Infographic@2x

The .com domain is just one of many hundreds of TLDs available today.

If you want to learn more about the history of .com domains, you can read this guide.

But in this post, we're going to focus on practical uses of the .com TLD, so let's talk about the advances of a .com domain.

Why is .com Domain Most Popular?

Does .com Still Hold the Same Significance? The short answer is yes. In 2023 there are 246.909 million registered .com domain names making up 36.81% of all domain names. To show how popular they are, the next biggest domain market share is 4.1% by .cn. The increase in the number of available domain extensions has been noticeable in recent years.

Top TLD domain distribution .com holds 36.81% market share

With the expansion of TLDs, such as .app, .dev, and .ai, as well as lesser-known ones like .popstar, .lol, and .ninja, it raises the question of whether .com is still the optimal choice for businesses. The answer is multifaceted, and several factors should be taken into account.

Here are some reasons why .com is still relevant today:

1. Domain Extention Preference

Domains ending in .com are consistently in high demand, regardless of whether their popularity is justified or not. As demand increases, so does authority. Domains with the .com extension are highly sought after.

.com is the gold standard domain. The phrase "gold standard" is used to refer to the idea that gold acts as the benchmark for the value of all currency, despite historically having perceived value based on its beauty.

2. People Trust .com

For a long time, .com has been the standard for website domains. It's also seen as the most professional and credible domain extension. This helps build trust with visitors as they know they're on an official website.

There is a common belief that a company's ownership of a .com domain enhances its credibility. The individual who owns the .com domain is typically considered the primary owner of the corresponding online platform. The preference for TLD may stem from factors such as brand authority and financial status.


Also, people remember .com. The phrase "dot com" is often associated with the internet, leading to increased memorability among people.

Acquiring a TLD of high status (such as most likely requires beating out competitors by either being an early adopter or possessing greater financial means, or both. These reasons support the idea that a company is a reliable choice for conducting business.

3. .com is Memorable

Sometimes when searching for a business website, we may struggle to remember the correct domain and resort to typing in the company name with a ".com" extension in hopes of finding the desired destination.

Advancements in search engine technology have made it simpler to locate the desired website. Despite other options available, websites ending in .com remain popular due to their familiarity and established usage.


Using a .com domain can make it easier to communicate your website at events or through advertising, and can also provide a sense of authority outside of the online realm. The ".com" domain name is commonly associated with businesses.

4. Online Authority

This is the main point, and it has been historically responsible for the perceived worth. Is there a correlation between using a .com domain and higher search engine rankings and online authority?

Many experts believe that websites with domain rank higher in search engines since a majority of the top-ranking sites use this domain. While it is a possibility, it cannot be concluded that search engines have a preference for .com domains.

Articles citing statistics indicate that the most frequently visited high-ranking websites are currently .com, which is understandable given the preferences of larger websites. It is reassuring to know that owning or preferring a different domain extension is not a cause for concern.

In 2015, Google stated that it does not differentiate non-geographic top-level domains from others, in response to queries and misunderstandings raised during a seminar. This encompasses lesser-known IDN TLDs (Top-Level Domains in non-Latin scripts, such as Arabic, for those unfamiliar), as well as TLDs that incorporate keywords that may potentially aid in SEO (such as .brand).

When it comes to website domains, .COM is widely accepted as the most valuable and prestigious option. The perception of .COM being the “gold standard” of domain names has been built up over decades, and its popularity continues to be strong even in today’s digital world.

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.COM domains continue to reign as the kings of domain names for valid reasons. They bring credibility, trust, SEO benefits, global reach, and investment potential to the table. While considering alternative TLDs is wise, the widespread recognition and market demand for .COM domains make them an excellent choice for establishing a strong online presence.

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