Minecraft Revenue and Usage Statistics to Know in 2023

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The success of Minecraft is due to its longevity. In fact, it has been around since 2009 and continues to attract new users each year. This is thanks to the game being free to play and the ability to download mods, which are essentially additional features that can be downloaded and installed onto the game.

In addition to the modding aspect, Minecraft has continued to add new content such as maps, skins, weapons, items, and worlds. These additions keep players engaged and interested in the game.

While many games tend to lose steam once their initial hype fades away, Minecraft has managed to retain its popularity. The game has seen growth in terms of revenue and usage statistics. Part of the growth is influenced by the ability to host your own Minecraft server to play the game with your friends and generate revenue online.

According to App Annie, Minecraft generated $380 million in 2021 alone a growth from of which $161 was from the mobile version of the Game.

In this article we look at key Minecraft statistics, its revenue, popularity and how people are using it to make money online.

Minecraft usage and revenue statistics

An Overview Minecraft Key Statistics

  • In 2021, Minecraft will generate $380 million in revenue. Mobile games account for about 30% of its revenue.
  • Over 140 million people played Minecraft every month in 2021. In 2023, 180 million people play Minecraft each month. More than 200 million copies have been sold worldwide. With the launch of Story Mode, it looks like we’re just getting started.
  • More than 200 million copies of Minecraft have been sold worldwide in different formats.
  • Microsoft paid $2.5 billion for Minecraft back in 2014, and went on to purchase gaming studios including Double Fine Production, Compulsion Games, Bethesda Studios and Obsidian Entertainment.
  • More than 400 million copies of the Chinese version of Minecraft have been sold worldwide.
  • Around 70 million people played Minecraft in November 2020.
  • There are currently 36 million Minecraft servers operating around the globe.
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Minecraft Revenue and Usage Statistics

1. Minecraft annual revenue reached $380 million in 2021 according to an estimate by Business of Apps.

Minecraft revenue

Minecraft has become one of the biggest games ever created. The game was originally released in 2009 and now boasts over 100 million players worldwide. How did they manage to achieve such success?

Minecraft is a sandbox video game developed and published by Mojang AB. It allows players to build constructions out of cubes, using tools called blocks. Players can also explore their surroundings and fight monsters.

Minecraft is free to play, but some items cost real money. In addition to selling virtual goods, Mojang sells licenses for commercial development of the game.

2. Minecraft mobile revenue brings in about 30% of the annual revenue.

Minecraft mobile revenue

The mobile version of Minecraft brought in $161 million in global revenues during the 2020 fiscal year, according to Mojang AB's financial report. This makes it the most profitable mobile game ever.

3. Minecraft generated roughly $415 million in total revenue in 2020.

Minecraft Total Revenue

This may have largely been caused by the COVID pandemic which saw people's movements restricted. However, it still shows that the game is doing well.

4. There were over 130 million monthly active users as of March 31, 2020.

Minecraft active users

Minecraft has become one of the most played games on the planet. Since the the game's release in 2009, millions of players have enjoyed its addictive gameplay.

It is estimated that there were over 130 million monthly Active Minecrafters at the time of writing. This number is expected to increase further as the popularity of the game continues to rise.

5. Over 200 million copies of the game have been sold worldwide. That includes both physical and digital versions.

Minecraft copies sold

The number of copies sold just shows how popular the game is and how well its performing in the gaming market.

6. The number of copies of the game sold in China is estimated to be around 70 million.

Minecraft china sales

Minecraft looks to be gaining popularity in China with over 70million copies of the game sold in China

Frequently Asked Questions: Minecraft

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is an open world sandbox video game developed by Mojang AB. You start out with nothing and must survive in a hostile environment. As you progress, you'll find tools, weapons, armor, food, and shelter. You can dig down into the ground, break blocks, place items, grow plants, and much more. To get started playing Minecraft you can first get a Minecraft hosting server to host friends and enjoy the game.

How do I play Minecraft?

You start off with just a few simple commands. Clicking left or right moves forward or backward, respectively. Up opens up menus. Down closes them. Spacebar activates jumping. Enter invokes chat. If you're playing on PC, you can use WASD keys to move around. On mobile devices, touch controls work well.

How much did Microsoft pay for Minecraft?

Microsoft paid $2.5 billion for Mojang, maker of the popular video game Minecraft, according to Bloomberg News.

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