Threads has reportedly lost half of its active users in just a week as Zuckerberg claims ‘10s of millions now come back daily’

In a surprising turn of events, Threads has witnessed a sharp decline in its active user count. Read on to learn more about this alarming trend.
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Threads, the social media platform launched by Meta (formerly Facebook), has experienced a surge in sign-ups but faces a significant challenge in retaining its users, according to a recent study conducted by data-tracking site SimilarWeb.

The study reveals that Threads' daily active users have plummeted from an impressive 49 million to 23.6 million within the span of just one week, indicating a lack of regular engagement among the initial wave of enthusiastic sign-ups.

Optimism from Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg

In response to the declining numbers, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg took to Threads on Monday to express his optimism about the platform's future. He acknowledged the tremendous early growth but emphasized the need to improve the basics and user retention for the rest of the year.

Zuckerberg compared the current situation to past experiences with other successful platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Stories, and Reels, expressing confidence that Threads is on the right path.

Data Based on Android Usage; Apple Numbers Awaited

SimilarWeb's data was based on Android usage, as it is easier to track than iOS. The organization has plans to release Apple's numbers in the coming weeks to gain a comprehensive view of the platform's performance across both major mobile operating systems.

Threads' Audience Lagging Behind Twitter

Despite boasting an active user base of 23.6 million, Threads' audience still lags significantly behind Twitter's, with a size equivalent to approximately 22% of Twitter's user base. Additionally, the study highlights that daily usage of Threads has declined considerably.

On July 7, users averaged 21 minutes on the app, but by July 14, that average had dropped to a mere six minutes.

Challenges in Basic Features and User Engagement

The report from SimilarWeb underscores that Threads' struggle lies in its limited offering of basic features, which may not be compelling enough for users to switch from established platforms like Twitter or form a new social media habit with Threads.


Twitter Also Faces User Retention Challenges

Notably, Twitter itself is grappling with user retention challenges. SimilarWeb notes that Twitter's retention rate for new users has declined from 19% in May 2022 to 16% in May of this year.

Meta Under Pressure to Enhance Features and User Experience

The situation has put Threads in the spotlight, with Meta facing mounting pressure to enhance the platform's features and user experience to ensure it can retain and grow its user base in a highly competitive social media landscape.

Awaiting Apple's Usage Numbers and Uncertain Future

As the tech community eagerly awaits the release of Apple's usage numbers, the future of Threads remains uncertain. Meta's success in addressing retention concerns will be crucial in determining the platform's fate.

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