Vultr & Linode are Back on Cloudways. Exciting News!

In a significant development for the cloud hosting industry, Cloudways has announced the reintroduction of Vultr and Linode to its platform. This move, effective from May 2024, marks a pivotal moment for Cloudways users, responding directly to customer feedback and demands for more diversity in cloud provider options.

This article explores the importance of this change and what it means for Cloudways users, detailing how it aligns with the broader trends in cloud computing and managed hosting services.

The Significance of Reintroducing Vultr and Linode on Cloudways

Responding to User Feedback

The decision to reintroduce these services highlights the importance Cloudways places on customer feedback.

By bringing back Vultr and Linode, Cloudways not only enriches the diversity of cloud providers on its platform but also aligns its services with the specific preferences and requirements of its user base.

Enhanced Service Capabilities

The reintroduction of Vultr and Linode comes with significant enhancements, including expanded availability in 10 new regions for Vultr and 13 for Linode.

Such expansion is pivotal for Cloudways, as it directly enhances their core service capabilities, making the platform more robust and versatile.

Meeting the Demands of a Global Digital Economy

With the addition of new data centers and improved network performance, Cloudways is better equipped to handle the intense demands of today’s global digital economy.

This strategic move ensures that users have access to high-performance managed hosting services that are crucial for running sophisticated online operations.

Benefits to Cloudways Users

The availability of additional cloud providers on the Cloudways platform offers several benefits:

  • Increased Flexibility: Users can select the cloud service that best fits their specific needs in terms of performance, pricing, and geographic location.
  • Improved Redundancy: With more providers, there’s greater redundancy, reducing the risk of downtime and ensuring better stability.
  • Cost-Effective Options: Different pricing structures from Vultr and Linode can lead to cost savings for users, allowing for more budget flexibility.

What This Means for Cloudways Users

More Choices, More Flexibility

The reintroduction of Vultr and Linode offers Cloudways users more flexibility in choosing a cloud provider that best fits their technical requirements and budget constraints. This choice is fundamental in a service model that prioritizes user needs and custom solutions.

Enhanced Geographic Reach

By expanding the geographic coverage, Cloudways users can now select data centers closer to their customer base. This proximity can significantly decrease latency, improve site speed, and enhance overall user experience, which are critical factors for the success of any online platform.

Support for Diverse Workloads

The enhanced capabilities of Cloudways with Vultr and Linode mean that users can efficiently manage more diverse and demanding workloads. Whether it’s e-commerce, big data analytics, or digital media, Cloudways is set to handle these with greater efficacy.

Strengthening Cloudways’ Market Position

The strategic reintroduction of these services benefits users and strengthens Cloudways’ position in the competitive cloud hosting market. It signals to current and potential customers that Cloudways is a dynamic, responsive, and user-focused platform.


The return of Vultr and Linode to Cloudways marks a significant moment in the platform’s evolution. It reflects a deep understanding of market demands and a strong commitment to user satisfaction and service excellence.

Cloudways continues to empower its users by providing them with the tools and options they need to succeed in an increasingly digital world. We look forward to seeing how these changes foster innovation and growth among Cloudways users.

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