The Best UK WordPress Hosting

Best WordPress Hosting In the UK for 2024

Here are the best WordPress hosting UK options available for 2024. See who has the cheapest WordPress hosting in the UK for more other info.

When it comes to WordPress hosting in the UK, there are many companies vying for your dollars. With so much choice, it can be difficult to decide which one you should go with, especially with all the marketing involved. Companies often use complex language to mask what is a very simple product, making it hard to know what you’re getting and whether or not it is best for you.

With just a bit of searching around and some clever wording differentiation you should begin to notice patterns appearing in the hosting plans of different brands. By understanding exactly what each company offers in terms of features and services we can narrow down our choices quite easily.

Here at we aim to make this process simpler by clearly indicating what the 'best' WordPress Hosting actually means and giving you an easy way to spot bad deals when words get jumbled up.

Lets get started!

What is The Best WordPress Hosting UK?

Here's our list at the best WordPress hosting in the UK:

1. Hostinger

Hostinger web hosting for small businesses

Hostinger is the UK’s best WordPress hosting provider, offering powerful key specifications that make it an ideal choice for businesses. It provides the highest levels of performance security, scalability and reliability on very cheap hosting plans.

On top of that, Hostinger also comes with some of the most comprehensive tools available such as automated daily backups and a dedicated customer support team who are always ready to help out. Hostinger's pricing plans are extremely budget friendly no matter what your needs may be.

The advantages of using Hostinger don't just stop there either.

  • Their innovative approach towards hosting makes them highly competitive in comparison with other services.
  • Their platform offers features such as unlimited storage space, unlimited data transfer and unlimited domains simply maturing with time as a particle pellets manure does
  • You still get more innovation than with some slobbering shoestring budget hosts where the price may be utilized like voodoo but not making an optimized result out in return.

Over the years since its establishment back in 2004, Hostinger has become quite popular among many businesses, particularly those from the fast food industry on High Street. With a rich feature set at reasonable pricing alongside incredible technical support and customer service, it won’t take long for you to see why they ’re such an attractive option.

Hostinger logo icon

Lightning Fast Speeds

The highest levels of performance security, scalability & reliability on cheap hosting plans.

2. Kinsta

For anyone looking for the best of the best in terms of WordPress hosting, Kinsta is your number one option. This premium service provides a host of features and benefits that make it stand out head-and-shoulders above the competition. For starters, they provide an Ultima hosting environment to ensure top-notch performance and availability for your website.

They also offer blazing-fast SSD storage powered by Google Cloud Platform.  Comes 24/7/365 uptime monitoring and automated backups to ensure your website is always running efficiently. Content delivery network (CDN) to make you website blazing fast.

Kinta provides a wide range of development tools as well as customer support which is available worldwide and provided in multiple languages.

Essentially, Kinsta is a provider that will equip serious business owners or web developers with the highest quality service imaginable. On top of all the advanced features mentioned before, what makes Kinsta unique is its managed WordPress services and specialized plans which help guide new users through setting up their websites easily.

Their dashboard design has been designed from scratch to enhance fine control over all aspects of hosting management. All things considered, if you’re after ultimate premium WordPress hosting then look no further than Kinsta.

Kinsta logo icon

Experts in WordPress

An Enterprise managed WordPress hosting service powered by GCP.

3. SiteGround

SiteGround is a web hosting service that offers UK-based servers and hosting services for small businesses. They offer a range of plans, starting from just £2.99 per month. This makes them one of the most affordable UK-based hosting services around.

The starter plan that costs £2.99 comes with 10,000 monthly visitors allowed to your website, 1 website included in the plan, and WordPress pre-installed so you don’t have to worry about installing it yourself. Unfortunately, domain names are not included so you will have to register one separately if you don’t already have one.

All their servers are based in the UK which means your website will be visible faster than if it was hosted elsewhere around the world. SiteGround also has some great features like free site migration, automatic updates and 24/7 customer support to make sure your site is running smoothly all year round.

4. HostPapa

Hostpapa wordpress hosting UK

HostPapa offers a great value for those looking for a low-cost web hosting service for their WordPress sites. With affordable plans and reliable quality, HostPapa might be the perfect pick for your business or blog.

This web host provides plenty of features and tools that make website management easier, such as 24/7 customer support, an intuitive control panel, unlimited email accounts, automatic software updates, and more. Plus, HostPapa will take care of all the technical aspects of running your site so you don't have to worry about possible security issues or performance glitches. What's more is that you get great search engine visibility and access to free plugins.

If affordability is paramount in your search for a web host then HostPapa could be the ideal choice. Prices start off at just $3.95 per month and there are even discounts if you sign up on an annual plan rather than going month-by-month with no set-up fees or hidden charges along the way.

All plans include a free domain name plus unlimited storage and bandwidth making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible without extra expense. Ultimately, unlike many other hosts where you'll find yourself paying through the nose shortly after signing up, HostPapa makes sure you can save money while still getting a top-notch web hosting service.

5. DreamHost

Dreamhost is another popular option when it comes to WordPress hosting in the UK. It offers users a one-stop shop for everything they need, from domain registration to web hosting and more. Its service includes reliable, secure and scalable shared or virtual private servers (VPS), with unlimited storage space, bandwidth and domains available .

DreamHost is a highly-recommended hosting provider that has been present in the industry since 1996. This veteran of the web hosting sector is praised by WordPress itself, being their second most recommended choice for hosting a website. Staying afloat throughout the clash of stars, DreamHost now hooks over 1.5 million websites with their services.

Their reliable services key specifications include unlimited storage and bandwidth, FTP account, and an optimized server specifically for WordPress users. These features make DreamHost suitable for business owners who are looking for a reliable way to sustain their website's needs without worrying about limits or additional costs. With a wide range of powerful tools at your disposal, you can easily achieve all your goals while still getting quality support from experienced technicians. Although not as cheap as other hosts out there, DreamHost offers great value when it comes to performance and reliability.

Dreamhost icon register a domain name

Experts in WordPress

Offers servers are fast and reliable, equipped with staging areas, backups, email hosting.

BlueHost is a very well-reputed WordPress website hosting service. It was recently announced that the company is one of only a handful to be recommended by WordPress themselves for small business and other website owners. This is mainly due to key specifications that set BlueHost apart, such as reliability, quality customer service and affordability.

For these reasons many have compared it to the giant squid in the deep seas; a creature with a formidable reputation that precedes it. But this endorsement from WordPress itself proves without doubt that BlueHost should not be taken lightly when considering hosting for your site.

With reliable services, superior customer support and competitive rates, it’s easy to see why so many have chosen this as their preferred host for their websites. However there are still some points to consider before making the final choice – so make sure to do your research first!

bluehost logo icon

Experts in WordPress

One of only a handful to be recommended by WordPress for small business.

7. WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting is a great choice for those who want to take advantage of managed hosting without breaking the bank. Their servers are fast and reliable, equipped with all the features you need such as staging areas, backups, email hosting and more.

Additionally, their WHMCS-based management console makes it easy to keep track of all your sites at one location. Plus they offer free migrations as well as professional tech support anytime you get stuck - giving you added peace of mind that your sites will be running smoothly.

For those on a budget, WPX has a lot going for it that makes it an attractive option. All in all, if you need a reliable managed WordPress host but don't want to pay through the nose for it, WPX Hosting is definitely worth considering.

WPX Hosting provides users with a range of WordPress features, such as automated backups, one-click installations and more. On top of this, their hosting plans are competitively priced in comparison to other providers on the market. Additionally, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee for extra peace of mind.

For those who want even more power and flexibility, WPX Host ing also offers managed WordPress hosting, so you can be sure that your website is running at its best.

Experts in WordPress

Offers servers are fast and reliable, equipped with staging areas, backups, email hosting.

WP Engine is the leading managed WordPress hosting option on the market. It offers a variety of features designed to help optimise and maintain your website’s performance, including actionable intelligence that allows you to continually monitor and improve your page’s content, SEO, individual pages, and integrations.

If you opt to use WP Engine for managed WordPress hosting 2023, you can take advantage of automatic backup scaling solutions with more proactive outsourcing available. Plus, Phone support is also included in the premium plans for further assistance.

Additionally, WP Engine also offers a free migration service for any pre-existing website which will give you a much faster transition into managing WordPress. With all these features in combination with their excellent customer reviews, WP Engine easily claims the top spot as an ideal managed WordPress hosting provider for any budget needs.

WP Engine logo icon

Experts in WordPress

WP Engine easily claims the top spot as an ideal managed WordPress hosting provider.

Nexcess managed wordpress hosting UK

Nexcess offers a variety of different hosting solutions for those wanting to power their WordPress site, ranging from managed WordPress and Magento/WooCommerce hosting. Their focus on providing users with the strongest and most abundant resources is evident in their brand name, which is a pun on the word ‘nexus’ – meaning the upper limit. With Nexcess, users can be guaranteed an excessive Magento/WooCommerce hosting solution that meets all their needs.

The technical specifications of Nexcess includes heavy duty servers, top-level hardware set up process for loss free data transfer across numerous nodes as well as 24/7 expert support instantly available online. You can also choose their StoreBuilder platform to launch an online store at no additional cost to you in their managed wordpress hosting solution.

Moreover, due to its scalability reliable system architecture and easy integrations with third-party software; businesses can seamlessly add new features or modifications such as SSL Certificates over the internet without any hassle. Taking security into account, Nexcess also guarantees protection against malicious attacks with its real-time security scans constantly updating on your website operations’ health and performance.

Nexcess logo icon

Fully Managed WordPress

Inmotion offers domain names at a discounted price as well as 100% uptime guarantee.

10. InMotion

Inmotion shared hosting

InMotion is a staff-owned hosting company with many years of experience in providing both standard and business options. They specialize in WordPress-managed hosting, ranging from shared to dedicated plans. The best value plans are available with a three year commitment, offering 50GB of SSD storage for one website.

They offer various benefits for customers including 24/7 support, free data backups, SSL certificates, unlimited email accounts and storage space. On top of that, they also offer domain names at a discounted price as well as 100% uptime guarantee.

Although they might be the underdog entry compared to other bigger hosting providers, InMotion provides reliable services at an affordable cost that makes it an attractive choice for those who want a good performance without breaking the bank.'

Inmotion hosting logo icon

Offeres Shared, VPS, Dedicated Plans

Inmotion offers domain names at a discounted price as well as 100% uptime guarantee.

11. A2 Hosting

A2 web hosting WordPress UK

A2 Hosting is one of the most popular WordPress hosting providers, boasting a reputation for reliable performance at competitive prices. They offer a range of plans and features to suit different types of users, ranging from shared hosting packages to more powerful VPS or Dedicated options that could offer greater scalability and speed. This provider also stands out with its key features, including optimized servers, SSD storage, redundancy infrastructure, and built-in caching.

In addition, A2 Hosting is well-known for their fast speeds compared to other competitors. Thanks to their advanced technologies such as LiteSpeed Web Server and CloudFlare CDN combined with non-overlapping resources will guarantee top performance during peak times. Plus the company promises an Anytime Money Back Guarantee so you can be sure that if something isn't running quite right they'll help make it happen for you.

All in all these features combined guarantee an incredible performance boost that's hard to beat, making A2 Hosting an ideal choice for anyone who wishes to have a smooth site experience without having any issues with hosting slowdowns or downtime.

In Summary: The Best WordPress Hosting in the UK

These days, there are more website and hosting solutions available than ever before, which makes it even more convenient for businesses to outsource any of their workloads. WP Hosts can be a great way of reducing the amount of time spent managing tech legs of a business.

Automation and outsourcing are the primary reasons why WP hosting provides an essential advantage for those who need an all-in-one solution for website management, especially if you’re not technically inclined.

WP hosting does more than remove some of the coding and scripting problems. It is also quite cost-effective in comparison to hiring skilled technicians or developers to do the same tasks.

For online entrepreneurs, this means that teams can focus on building their project instead of worrying about maintenance or troubleshooting issues with their websites. Of course, WP Hosts provide security features too such as backups, secure authentication methods and connecting web servers to quality storage locations - all bundled together if you're working with one provider.

Frequently Asked Questions: UK WordPress Hosting

Here are answers to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) related to WordPress hosting:

What is the best web hosting service for WordPress?

The best web hosting service for WordPress can vary depending on your specific needs and budget. However, some popular and highly recommended hosting providers in the UK  for WordPress include Hostinger, Bluehost, Kinsta, WP Engine, and HostGator. These providers offer WordPress-specific hosting plans designed to optimize performance and security for WordPress websites.

Does WordPress host websites?, a separate platform from the open-source software, offers hosting services. If you use, your website is hosted on their servers. However, if you use the self-hosted version of WordPress from, you'll need to find your own hosting provider and manage your website's hosting.

Does WordPress Premium include hosting?

Yes, offers premium plans that include hosting as part of the package. These premium plans provide additional features and customization options for your WordPress website, along with the convenience of managed hosting.

Can I build a WordPress site without hosting?

No, to build a WordPress website, you will need hosting. Hosting is where your website's files and data are stored and made accessible to visitors on the internet. You can choose from a variety of hosting providers to suit your needs.

Can I host a WordPress site on my own server?

Yes, you can host a WordPress site on your own server, but it requires technical expertise in server administration, security, and maintenance. It's often more convenient and reliable to use a reputable hosting provider unless you have specific reasons to self-host.

How do I transfer my WordPress site to a new host?

To transfer your WordPress site to a new host, you'll typically need to:

  1. Backup your site's files and database.
  2. Set up hosting with the new provider.
  3. Restore your website's files and database on the new host.
  4. Update DNS settings to point to the new host.
  5. Test your site on the new host to ensure everything works as expected.

How do I find out where my WordPress site is hosted?

You can determine your WordPress site's hosting provider by checking your hosting account details or using online tools like WHOIS lookup services or website hosting checker tools that can provide information about the hosting provider of a specific website.

What is a self-hosted WordPress site?

A self-hosted WordPress site, often referred to as, is a version of WordPress that you install on your own web server or hosting account. You have full control over your website's files, data, and customization options, making it a popular choice for those who want more flexibility and ownership of their website.

What makes WordPress a popular content management system?

WordPress is popular because it is user-friendly, highly customizable, and has a vast ecosystem of plugins and themes. It offers robust features for content creation, blogging, and website management, making it suitable for a wide range of users, from beginners to advanced developers.

What's the difference between shared and managed hosting?

Shared hosting involves sharing server resources with other websites, which can lead to limited performance and security. Managed hosting, on the other hand, offers specialized services for WordPress, including optimized performance, security, and support. It's a premium option that requires less technical expertise and offers a more hassle-free experience.

How can I keep my WordPress site secure?

To keep your WordPress site secure, you can:

  1. Keep WordPress, themes, and plugins up to date.
  2. Use strong, unique passwords.
  3. Install security plugins.
  4. Regularly back up your site.
  5. Monitor for suspicious activity.
  6. Use SSL encryption.
  7. Limit login attempts.
  8. Choose a reputable hosting provider with robust security measures.

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