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Are you looking for a simple way to manage your projects time and tasks? If yes, then is the perfect project management solution for you. This software helps you track your daily activities and assign them to specific projects.

Since was founded in 2010 they have grown into a leading provider of project management tools. They offer a free version of their product, which allows you to create unlimited projects and tasks. is a powerful tool that lets you organize your day efficiently. It provides you with a detailed overview of your projects and tasks, helping you stay organized with your work and focused throughout the week. makes you want to come to work on a Monday.

While there are many project management tools and services you can use to manage your team, there is only one that makes you want to come to work on a Monday. offers a software for teams to collaborate, communicate, plan and organize work. It does this in a way that makes work easier and improves the time to getting a result. is a management software that seems to have been built with productivity in mind. This tool offers teams with a plug-and-play experience that would make it one of the best choices for businesses.

What makes an excellent daily helpmate is the ability to effectively handle multiple tasks. Its also deliver messages that are time-stamped and categorized by members. is a visual platform, easy and intuitive, no training is needed to get started.

Let’s take a look at what is, what it does and how your team and your business can benefit from it. review

To define it I went to the source, according to site this is what the award winning collaboration and project platform is;

" Work OS is a cloud-based, no-code/low-code framework. It consists of modular building blocks that allow customers to create software applications and work management tools.’s building blocks include items, columns, views, widgets, integrations, and automations."

It’s not just a project management platform, it is work OS. Agency founder, Payton says it is an all in one place to organize your entire business. can be used by teams in marketing, project management, sales, HR, IT, developers and people in operations.

To get started on a free trial you won’t even need your credit card. homepage Products & Features

The way has structured their products is to fit different teams. At its core they show it to work best the whole organization. But depending on your needs you can go with either of the products they have:

One of the most important features of is its flexibility with customization for each user. You can choose from many pre-created templates or create your own from scratch.

Templates are available for different industries and purposes, from product development to recruitment and sales. If these don't quite fit your needs, you can also create your own templates from scratch. You can do this using various visual elements like charts, graphs and other visuals.

Once you've decided on your template or created a new one, customizing it further is as simple as dragging and dropping elements into place. Its so easy that you can just resize them until they're exactly how you want them to be.

Each element can be customized further looking at its color, text style and more — all without coding knowledge.

Here are the top four products offers.

  • Monday marketer is for wen teams want to collaborate to deliver creative projects and campaigns
  • Monday sales CRM is for managing your customer’s journey to a purchase, which includes data, contacts and more.
  • Monday projects is what the platform is well known for – planning, collaborating and executing projects. (project management software)
  • Monday dev helps you build agile workflows across your product design and development.

All together, these products enable you to manage your work, this why I agree with Payton when he says it is an all in one place to organize your entire business.

Let’s take a closer look at the features of each product

1. Monday Marketer

dashboard of monday marketer from

Monday marketer is for managing your marketing and creative ventures. You can track campaigns, manage your content calendar, manage your brand, plan product launches and many other activities in marketing.

When it’s time to make strategic decisions you should be well informed with data about your brand’s alignment with your audience. gives you insights that will inform on your strategic planning process.

When done with planning, you can build workflows to keep everyone in your creative and hardworking team aligned. This way you don’t lose sleep over things you can have control over. For example, a reminder about a blog post that is being published in a few weeks. Nothing becomes an emergency in your marketing department.

There are so many ways to use the platform, you can even collaborate on creative briefs and get your campaign started.

Marketign campaing updates feature from

Key features

  • Visual campaign plans
  • Customizable forms to manage requests
  • Live feedback to speedup approvals
  • You can have different file versions to avoid mixing up changes
  • Integration with adobe creative cloud apps
  • Integration will all your favorite marketing tools


Monday marketer pricing

They have a free forever plan for up to 2 seats, with unlimited boards, unlimited docs, 200+ templates and even mobile apps on both android and iPhone.

When you outgrow your free plan you can upgrade to either one of their paid plans. These are basic, standard or pro starting from $8/ seat/month, $10/seat/month and $16/seat/ month respectively. (For minimum 3 seats)

2. Monday sales CRM

Monday sales CRM dashboard

Monday sales CRM is allow you build and visualize your sales pipelines. You have full control over your sales process, and lead management.

The all-inclusive CRM software brings together your team, your process and your data — all on one centralized platform.

With you can create visually engaging dashboards to organize your business data into a clear format that allows everyone to stay on the same page and get more work done.

What really sets apart is the ability to customize to your specific needs.

The platform gives you the tools you need to have complete control over your CRM system. You decide how you organize it so that you can focus on what matters most - growing your business.

Customization means you build a CRM the way you want for your business. free trial

Key features

  • Contact management to keep your data up to date
  • Managing your sales pipeline b priority, to date of close
  • You can track your customers to anticipate the next move
  • Dashboard customization
  • Workflow automations for your sales funnel
  • Integrations with the tools you already use.
Monday sales CRM pricing


The pricing structure is the same as the Monday marketer, the difference is in what the plans offer not the price.

With Monday sales CRM, plans offer sales management, sales automation, and lead management capabilities. Each plan offers more features as you go higher. All plans offer an enterprise option in case you are looking for a custom solution.

3. Monday Projects Simple board_Chart_project management (1) projects is a popular project management software from designed for small to large size businesses. It can be used in any industry such as marketing, manufacturing, and IT. The software was built to help companies perform tasks and workflows more efficiently.

Any team from anywhere in the world can use this project platform. has project templates that make it easy for you to create your own project boards to suit your needs.

It allows users to create and manage projects, display information on customizable boards and schedule tasks and activities. You can assign tasks to specific staff members or teams and track the status of each task until your team completes it. also provides a dashboard that gives you an overview of everything that is going on with your project boards. And more importantly, how many tasks are complete and how many are still pending.

team tracking feature

Key Features

  • Gantt chart to keep track of your project
  • Visual dashboard for real time data reporting
  • Work load view for your team so you can allocate resources better
  • Milestones to measure and share team progress
  • Set dependencies to reel those needed at the right time
  • Easily compare your project schedules with your baseline
  • You can connect with the tools you need e.g. salesforce, Jira server to align all your teams
  • Prebuilt templates to help you get started


Monday projects pricing

Same as the other Monday tools, the pricing structure doesn’t change.

Pricing for the Pro version starts at $16 monthly per seat. It includes managing team tasks, time tracking, Gantt charts, custom branding, data export capabilities and more. You can also create unlimited private boards.

4. Monday dev

Simple board_project management

With Monday dev, you can easily build agile workflows to drive impact across your teams. It is best for product development, design and R&D teams. The ability to customize workflows ensures better work arrangement for your teams.

Monday dev is a simple and powerful platform that helps manage your product development process. You can use it to;

  • Build agile workflows and see the entire project clearly in one place.
  • Customize workflow templates to suit your needs or start from scratch with our blank canvas.
  • Organize your product development process into workspaces and teams and have a clear visibility into every step of the project.
  • Create visual boards with columns, swimlanes, and color coding to make the progress of your project more visible.
  • Add tasks, attach files, set deadlines, assign people in charge, add dependencies, and measure progress automatically for each task.
  • Communicate easily with teammates using comments on tasks or chat.
Simple dashboard_Software development_Sprint 43 overview

Key features

  • Kanban view for visual workflow for your teams
  • Custom dashboards to help with presentations
  • Gantt chat for monitoring project milestones
  • Data protection with team and user permissions
  • App integrations with the tools you need like GitHub

Pricing pricing general

Monday’s most popular plan is the standard starting at $10/ user/ month, here you can collaborate with your team and also optimize you process. has also launched 2 products still on beta

  • WorkForms for easy data collection for both work requests, and feedback.
  • Canvas to connect your team, create and share ideas, barnstorm and express you opinions all in one place.

Why choose is the best project management software for agile teams out there. It's super intuitive and easy to use, making it one of the most user-friendly software solutions I've ever come across.

One of the best features is probably the automation functionality. You can have a board set up with checklists that get automatically copied over to a new board when you start a new project with a client. This will save you a lot of time and making sure you don't miss anything important.

It is an extremely easy to use tool. is a high-performance work management platform that helps teams get their work done efficiently and effectively.

Over 100,000 companies and individuals across the globe use Even some of the world’s top brands like Netflix, Uber, Disney, WeWork and Samsung. is one of the most flexible online project management software that can be tailored to fit the needs of your company. You can create custom templates for boards or calendar views and then use them to manage your projects more easily with automated processes

It is a highly visual software that makes it easy to see what’s going on in your projects and make quick decisions. Its simple design makes it easy to get started using the software without any hassle

The intuitive dashboard gives you an overview of all your team’s work from a single place. This helps you plan ahead and track your progress with ease. has powerful collaboration features such as group chats for real-time communication, centralized file storage. This makes for easy access to relevant files and document sharing tools for simplified collaboration around work documents.

where you team's best work is born

In Summary: Review

Because helps from idea creation to collaboration, to project planning, execution and final result, it is a very good tool for teams.

It provides one software for the whole team. Your teams can now all agree on something together and this has huge benefits in terms of efficiency.

If you're looking for an affordable work management software, is perfect for you. It's a uniquely powerful solution that combines many aspects of project management into one tool, with a simple and progressive interface. The app is easy to use, and could make your team more productive in less time.

Overall, ‎ is one of the best technologies for collaborative work and project management. It is easy to use, versatile, and powerful than most traditional tools. One of the greatest features of this software is anyone can use it from anywhere.

Never switch project management software again
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